As the weather warms up here in the Pacific Northwest it’s time to welcome in the springtime with some outdoor toking. There’s no better way to enjoy yourself this time of year than going out and feeling the sun on your skin while you light up. That being said, smoking outdoors should be done with caution. We would hope you have the common sense not to use a dab torch amidst the dry brush, but for some, it’s not so obvious. So, we’re here to share the safest and funnest forms of cannabis to smoke outdoors so you can enjoy a worry-free toke out in the beautiful Spokane scenery.



The classic to-go smoking option for a walk through nature is a good ol’ pre-roll. While rolling your own joints is fun, it’s not as convenient and ready to take on the go. Not to mention that if you don’t remember to roll up before you leave, you have to take your entire arsenal with you so you can clumsily roll a joint on a log. As an avid pre-roll smoker myself, here are some of my personal recommendations for a chill day out in nature.



Ravengrass smokes pre-roll packs

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Starting off with my pre-roll brand of choice is Ravengrass. These tasty little joints normally come in three packs that come in a cute and reusable amber glass vial, but something even better just dropped. Now you can pick up an entire 13-pack of pre-rolls for just $54! The best part? Each stoner’s dozen comes with 3 different strains to try out! I recently just picked up our Blackberry Kush, CBD Cosmic Charlie, CBD Zen Blend pack and it is by far my favorite pre-roll purchase to date. Not only do you get a bunch of top-shelf pre-rolls for a great price, but the packaging is killer! Their 13-packs come in a nifty plastic box with all of the information for each strain stylishly listed on the side. Another perk? Each pre-roll has a color-coded crutch so you can save your joint for later without forgetting which strain you’re smoking!

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Saints Pre-roll Smoke 5 Pack

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Another great pre-roll option with killer packaging is Saints. These bad boys come in a sick book-like package with a pull-out drawer of 5 joints. My personal favorite strain so far has been G13, but every option from Saints is an incredibly smooth smoke. As a matter of fact, I’ve found that these pre-rolls smoke right down to the crutch without any burning or unpleasant taste. Plus, these pre-rolls are fat and tightly packed with 0.7g of flower in every joint. If you’re looking for a luxury cannabis experience, you’ll definitely want to pick up some Saints.

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Canna Lowlife


Canna Lowlife Logo

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If you’re looking for a cheap pre-roll without compromising on quality, I recommend picking up some Canna Lowlife. For just $5 a pop, you can’t go wrong. But, just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they’re cheap quality! I personally really enjoy their LSD pre-roll and found it was a smooth smoke all the way to the bottom with a great flavor profile. If you want a cheap and enjoyable smoke, pick up a pre-roll from Canna Lowlife!

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From The Soil – Damn Tasty


From The Soil Damn Tasty Pre-Roll

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This one came as a recommendation from our Downtown budtender Oniell and I was blown away by these pre-rolls. For just $6 for a 2-pack, these half-gram pre-rolls smack you in the face with a high that will last you well into your adventure outside. On top of being powerfully dank, these pre-rolls live up to the name “damn tasty”. I enjoyed every second spent smoking these pre-rolls and plan to make them a regular purchase from here forward! So, if you’re looking for something cheap and powerful, pick up some Damn Tasty pre-rolls by From The Soil!

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If you’re looking to completely eliminate the need for a lighter or match to smoke on your outdoor excursion, then vape cartridges are the way to go. For those who may not own a vape battery because you don’t find yourself smoking cartridges often enough to justify buying one, we also offer disposable vapes just for you!



Leafwerx Refined Vape Cartridge Line Up

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If you’re looking for a full-spectrum CO2 extract at a great price, then you’ll want to pick up a Refined Cartridge from Leafwerx. Refined delivers a full flower experience in a convenient cartridge. Refined oil is extracted from pesticide-free Leafwerx flower, has no additives, and uses cannabis-derived terpenes. For just $27 a gram, you can’t go wrong picking up one of these full-spectrum cartridges.

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Balance – MFUSED


Balanced by MFUSED Vape Cartridge

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Not a fan of the high THC concentrations that tend to be standard for cartridges? Fret not, you can still enjoy vaping from a cartridge without getting completely ripped thanks to Balance. This line of cartridges from MFUSED offers varying ratios of THC to CBD for those who may want a mellower experience from their cartridge, or for people who want to continuously puff on their pen without getting obscenely stoned. Some of the varieties they offer are Suzy Q 10:1Aliens on Moonshine 5:1, or Sweet & Sour Widow 3:1. If this sounds like the right choice for you, come on down to Cinder and pick one up today!

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Avitas Vape Cartridges

Are you a fan of smoking live resins? Well lucky you, Avitas offers delicious live resin cartridges! Avitas provides high-quality products that are hand-cultivated, quality controlled, genetically stable, environmentally conscious, community involved, and customer approved. They never compromise their natural, additive-free oils by adding any cutting agents, thickening agents, non-cannabis terpenes, or any other chemicals to increase vapor plume or THC uptake. Instead, they ensure that every batch of oil is incredibly high quality and flavorful. The flavor of their oils comes directly from the natural terpenes from the strain they extract. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, additive-free, delicious vape cartridge, pick one up from Avitas!

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Hellavated Disposable Vape

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If you’re looking for a convenient vape option to take with you outdoors but don’t already have a battery for a cartridge, look no further than Hellavated’s disposable vapes. Not only are this slim monochrome pens stylish and easy to travel with, they’re delicious too! Each pen is packed with high potency triple refined distillate for a pure smooth smoke. Pick them up in a variety of flavors like double mint, mango kush, and blueberry dream!

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This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming. Which is to say, cannabis can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Therefore, do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. Furthermore, there may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. To sum up, keep out of the reach of children.