St.Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we here at Cinder want to help you celebrate right. For those who may not know, St.Patrick’s Day celebrates the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Festivities often include drinking, festivals, and lots of green decorations. Here at Cinder, we have all the green you need to have an awesome St.Patrick’s Day celebration. Keep reading to see all the good stuff we’ve got to help you celebrate St.Patrick’s Day.

Acapulco Gold Flower


Acapulco Gold Weed Strain

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No need to disturb the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this St.Patrick’s day. Acapulco Gold is a treasure all its own. This rare sativa-dominant hybrid is the perfect strain to smoke during your festivities. As a daytime strain, the high is motivating and energizing so you don’t have to worry about feeling groggy during the party. One could say this strain is just as valuable as a pot of gold too, as it has a reputation for being one of the best cannabis strains ever created which has made it increasingly difficult to find. Fret not! We have plenty in stock just in time for you to pick it up for your St.Patrick’s Day bash.

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Golden Nugget Pre-Rolls


Cannabis Pre-rolled Joints

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Want to share a gold bounty with your friends? Then try some Golden Nugget Pre-Rolls from Walden! Golden Nugget is a hybrid strain that’s sure to pack a flavorful punch with a deliciously tart and sweet terpene profile. Notes of tropical fruit mix with spice and skunk as the smoke crawls out of your mouth and fills the room. This strain will give you a robust body buzz that lifts your mood and sparks creativity. This is another great social strain making it the perfect party-time toke and the convenient 6-pack of pre-rolls is perfect for sharing with friends!

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Green Cherry Dream Cartridge

Arson Green Cherry Dream Cartridge

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More of a cartridge person? We’ve got you. Arson’s Green Cherry Dream is the perfect option for cartridge smokers who still want to participate in the festivities. Arson cartridges are infused with pure and highly potent cannabis extract. In addition, the unique formulations of all-natural terpenes make for an exciting and captivating experience. This cart features a flavor profile that’s sour and fruity like a cherry all wrapped up in the perfect green package for St.Patrick’s Day.

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Green Crack Resin


Refine Loud Resin

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Looking for some dabs to celebrate with this St.Patrick’s Day? Celebrate with some Green Crack Loud Resin from Refine! For extractions to fall under the Loud Resin label, extremely high standards must be met. The aroma, appearance, consistency, effect, and flavor all speak for the quality found in their signature black box. So, when you buy Refine’s Loud Resin, you know you’re getting the good stuff. With their Green Crack resin, you’re getting a potent sativa that’s beloved by many. As a sativa, this strain tends to have fairly energizing effects that keep you focused and ready to party. The flavor is also amazing with a tangy, fruity profile that people compare to a mango.

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Sour Green Apple Fruit Chews

Smokiez Sour Green Apple Edibles

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Looking for something festive and green to set out for party-goers? Consider picking up some Sour Green Apple Fruit Chews from Smokiez. These tasty gummies are crisp and tart just like a refreshing green apple. Each of these mouth-watering gummies has 10mg of THC made with high clarity distillate, so don’t go crazy on the candy! These green gummies will look great with the rest of your St.Patricks Day spread.

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Ray’s Lemonade

Ray's Lemonade Cannabis Infused Drink

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Not one to participate in the boozy festivities that come along with St.Patrick’s Day celebrations? Not to worry, you can still enjoy an intoxicatingly good drink without the alcohol thanks to Ray’s Lemonade! Their products are created with top-quality flower that originates on their own farm. They process that flower into a concentrate with an alcohol extraction method that is used in all of their infused products. Not only will these drinks get you stoned off your gourd with 100mg of THC per 12oz bottle, but they’re also delicious! You’ll have to be sure to pick some up for your friends too or they might turn green with envy.

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Green Accessories


St.Patrick's Day Accessory Display at Cinder Cannabis

In the market for some new glassware or maybe a Smokebuddy? You’re in luck, we’ve got it all! Just look at this beautiful St.Patrick’s day accessory display designed by our very own budtenders. If you’re looking to get a new accessory, get it in green! We’ve got it all from bongs and pipes to vape batteries and more. 

Holiday Movie | Leprechaun 5: In The Hood



Need a film to kick back and enjoy with friends this St.Patrick’s Day? Well, blaze up, sit back and checkout Leprechaun 5: In The Hood. This is the perfect St.Patrick’s Day stoner flick. Starring Ice-T and Warwick Davis, this movie is perfect for putting on in the background at a St.Patrick’s Day party. Ever seen a leprechaun smoke weed? Well once you watch this movie, you can say you have!


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