Scary Movies and Halloween Strain Pairings

Join us for some highly recommended scary movie recommendations paired with some of our favorite products!

Scary Movie season is here once again. Whether you’re looking to get just a slight fright or sleep with the lights on, we’ve got the strains and scary movie recommendations to make your month of macabre a highlight of the year.

Not so Scary Movies
Best paired with: Flower | Root Down x Spiritual Punk

Thrills and chills are best kept to flavors of Ben & Jerry’s for you. Horror isn’t the point of these scary movies, but it may have a creepy tone with random bumps in the night. If you can’t handle any thrills, it’s best to stick to Disney+ and their Halloween playlist. Hocus Pocus, Paranorman, and Muppets Haunted Mansion are all great streams to get you in the Spooky mood without worrying about turning off the lights.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil – $3.99 Streaming Rental

If blood and comedy are your bag, then check out Tucker & Dale vs Evil. Tucker and Dale may not be Hillbilly freaks, but that doesn’t stop the teenage body count from rising while they try and fix up their lake cabin. Let Root Down’s Spiritual Punk leave you relaxed and happy while you enjoy this gruesomely hilarious case of mistaken identity.

Highly Recommend: Transylvania 6-5,000
80’s comedy starring Jeff Goldblum and Ed Bagley Junior as reporters trying to figure out if an anonymous tape of Frankenstein taken in Transylvania is real or not. Transylvania 6-5,000 is as 80’s as it is weird. Root Down may leave you feeling sleepy with their Spiritual Punk but Kramer beating up a puppet isn’t even the strangest part of this forgotten 80’s Halloween movie.

Worthy Mention: Young Frankenstein, Army of Darkness, Sleepy Hollow.

Best Paired With: Edibles | Lush 1:1 CBD/THC Green Apple

Enjoy these scary movies every year for a perfect Halloween movie experience. Sprinkle them in as much as you can handle because, just like edibles, the yearly viewing will creep up on you. Lush 1:1 CBD/THC edibles are a perfect choice for some classic Halloween movies. The CBD to THC ratio will help with any THC paranoia that may creep up on you, like Freddy Krueger.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Public Domain

Night of the Living Dead is where the modern zombie craze started. George A. Romero invents the contemporary zombie and tears away the safety of the inhabitants in rural Pittsburgh. The chocolate sauce and BBQ flow freely in this black and white horror icon.

Highly Recommend: The Shining
All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson takes psychological horror and smashes it into the supernatural. A family heads into the mountains to stay at an isolated hotel where their son discovers they might not be the only ones staying there.

Worthy Mention: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Misery, The Silence of The Lambs, The Excorcist.

Scary Movie Franchises
Best paired with: Cartridge | Spoil’d – Durban Poison

There’s no way around this. You’ll be watching parts of these scary movies with a blanket conveniently piled in front of your eyes. Try hitting Spoild’s Durban Poison cartridge to keep that energy up to watch a palate cleanser before you go to sleep.

The Conjuring Franchise | The Conjuring, Annabelle, The Conjuring 2, The Nun

The Conjuring franchise follows real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in dramatizations of the supposedly actual experiences of the Warren’s and the items they’ve procured and store in their home. Is it real or just made up? Who cares! The Conjuring movie franchise gave us Annabelle, La Llorona, and The Nun. Exorcisms, demon dolls, and not-so-holy ghosts: oh my! The energetic effects of Durban Poison from Spoil’d keep you going puff after puff during your scary movie marathon. Pace yourself while you hit Durban Poison. Spoil’d tests high on average, and you don’t want to get too high too fast with this series.

Highly Recommend: Paranormal Activity Series
The California Suburbs finds family homes haunted by a demon. Paranormal Activity is shot found-footage style from handheld and security cameras. This seven-film series terrifies the audience with an elaborate, though kind of hokey, interwoven story of demons and cults that plagues the suburbs. This scary movie series is getting the reboot treatment. See what this cultural phenomenon is all about.

Worthy Mention: Halloween Series, Scream Series, Friday the 13th Series, and Nightmare on Elm Street Series.

Real Scary Movie
Best Paired With: Concentrate | Driftboat – Ghost Train Haze

If horror and the macabre make your heart go pitter-patter, then read on. The start of your Halloween countdown starts on November 1st, so you’ve probably already figured out your movie list. If you’re open to a few suggestions, then take a fat dab of Ghost Train Haze from Driftboat and live deliciously. Ghost Train Haze will leave you hazy-headed and ready to feed your hunger for scary movies. Just don’t forget the popcorn and a good blanket to cover those eyes.

The VVitch

1630’s New England, during the start of America’s witch hysteria, a puritan family finds life on the homestead darker than the candle-lit night in The Witch. Banished from their town, the family finds themselves building a life on the outskirts of a forest. When their newborn child goes missing, the family begins to fall apart, trying to find answers. The script for The Witch is based on journals, court records, and folktales of the time. Stephen King has said that the film terrified him, which should be enough of a recommendation to fit this new horror masterpiece in your rotation.

Highly Recommend: 30 Days of Night
Barrow, Alaska is plunged into 30 Days of Night every year. The majority of locals leave town every year to escape the night, but Sheriff Oleson, played by Josh Hartnett, stays behind with a handful of locals who begin to experience things going bump in the night. When a stranger comes into town with a warning of impending doom, Josh Hartnett and the locals find themselves under siege by vampires. Who can survive the next 30 Days of Night?

Worthy Mentions: Midsommar, Cabin in the Woods, IT, and Alien.

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