Spokane’s nightlife scene is growing and it’s getting easier to find fun things to do. One of my favorite places to visit on the weekends is The Big Dipper on Washington and 2nd. This works perfectly for me when I’m clocking off at the downtown Cinder location at 7 pm on Fridays because the venue is only 5 blocks away. 

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The Big Dipper has survived roughly 40 years of business at this point. The Big Dipper hasn’t always been referred to by that name. However, as we know it now, it is one of Spokane’s most popular gathering places for live events and shows. However, in the late 1980s and early 1990s… it still was an important gathering spot for live music performances! Specifically drawing in a crowd for alternative rock music lovers both then and now. The layout of the building makes it perfect for those just wanting to grab a drink and sit back. However, if you want to get closer, then you can get into the crowd and rage with the audience. From the front door, you’ll see a bar located in the back of the venue, a seating area, a dance floor, and a stage.

Raging to music at The Big Dipper

Let’s Rage

I love going to the shows at The Big Dipper because the stage is only raised about a foot off the ground. When you’re watching the performances from the front row of the dance floor, you’ll be standing so close and personal to the performers that when the music stops, you’ll feel like you’re walking away from one of the most intimate shows you’d ever experienced. The big speakers and the wooden interior work together so well that when you’re in the middle of a set, you feel completely enveloped by the music and the vibrations of the night. The building has a pretty open floor layout to it so it is easy to navigate even when it’s crowded. The only negative is that when it gets busy, bar service can start to slow down. So make sure you get your drink first before the music starts. 

If you’re ever finding yourself in downtown Spokane with nothing to do, stop in at Cinder to pick up some goodies and walk 5 blocks to the Dipper! Check out The Big Dipper’s event calendar and get to raging!

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