What is the difference between rosin vs live resin and smoking rosin or live resin. Let’s discuss why people prefer to smoke live resin cartridges and the different ways of how to smoke live resin.

What is the difference?

Live Resin:

Live resin refers to a concentrate that is extracted from freshly frozen plants. Processing a concentrate from plants that are frozen immediately after harvest is favorable for a couple different reasons. The quality of the terpenes on the plant will degrade from exposure to air and temperature when it is cured and dried. Freezing terpenes helps to upkeep the quality and profile of the terpenes. Limonene is a common terpene found in concentrates. It will give the dab a citrus flavor profile and is characteristically noted for being a mood lifter with feelings of euphoria. Pinene is another common terpene that provides feelings of alertness and focus and has flavor hints of pine. Having a complex terpene profile is important in a dab because it is what determines the flavor and specific effects of your high.

Another term for live resin is “full spectrum”. Smoking resin refers to smoking the black, tar-like substance that accumulates when smoking with a pipe. Resin is made up of the leftover oils, tar and ash when smoking flower and should be avoided to smoke due to the excess carbon monoxide.

1 gram of Mr. Nice live resin by Oleum


Rosin refers to a concentrate that is extracted through a solventless process. Producing rosin comes from using a combination of heat and pressure to squeeze the oils out of the plant. An advantage that rosin has to other concentrates is that it does not need any extra chemicals to get the product. Therefore, the consumer does not need to worry about making sure that all the chemicals have been removed. Making rosin at home is fairly easy and safe as long as you have a hair straightener and parchment paper.


Live Resin Cartridges at Cinder

You will find live resin cartridges at any of the three Cinders in Spokane. Some options will include Purform, Entourage and Avitas but you will find more when shopping in the stores. Since live resin concentrates are going to have a higher terpene content, the smoke will typically have more flavor and odor.


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Products listed are available at Cinder locations: Cinder North, 6010 N Division St, Spokane, Wa 99208; Cinder Downtown, 927 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA 99201; and Cinder Valley, 1421 N Mullen Rd B, Spokane Valley, Wa 99206

This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming. Which is to say, cannabis can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Therefore, do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. Furthermore, there may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. To sum up, keep out of the reach of children.