These days it feels like the night time manages to creep in earlier and earlier every Winter. This may make you feel like there’s no time to go out and enjoy yourself. Well, fret not! Here in Spokane, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy even once the sun has set.

Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling Alley at Night

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While bowling during the day is great fun for the whole family, cosmic bowing takes things up to the next level. All the same great fun that comes with bowling is present for cosmic bowling. Striking pins, a slice of pizza between players, what’s not to love? The excitement comes when the main lights are turned down while black and neon lights come on. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to an entirely new dimension. This visual feast is accompanied by high-energy music and certain lanes even do mini games for prizes! If you like bowling, then you’ll love cosmic bowling. Several lanes in Spokane offer cosmic cowling from North Bowl to Lilac Lanes & Casino, so you can enjoy the fun on either side of town!

Riverfront Pavilion Light Show

Downtown Spokane Riverfront Pavilion Light Show

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If you’re looking for some late-night activities that are a bit easier on the wallet, then the Riverfront Pavilion Light Show is the place to go! Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you can go down to the Pavilion and enjoy a free light show powered by TDS Fiber. The dynamic lighting effects and an array of colors are something that can only truly be appreciated in person. This lighting spectacle is great fun for the whole family and won’t cost you a single penny.

Lion’s Lair

Inside the Lions Lair Bar Spokane

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Looking to hit the town with your friends? Then make sure you stop by the Lion’s Lair! This bar always has the music bumping with a great energetic atmosphere to match. They also offer great food and drinks to help fuel that party spirit. Be sure to go in and catch their live music and great vibes on your night out in Spokane.

Pinot’s Palette

Inside of a Pinots Palette

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Pinot’s Palette is another great spot to hit with friends if you’re looking for somewhere to drink and unleash your creativity. At Pinot’s Palette, guests participate in an instructional painting class all while enjoying a delicious glass of wine. The best part is you get to go home with your masterpiece! Now whenever people ask you about that painting on your wall, you can reminisce about the great night out you had with friends at Pinot’s Palette.

Gamer’s Arcade Bar

Inside Gamers Arcade Bar Spokane

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Gamer’s Arcade bar is a cozy parlor featuring old-school, coin-operated arcade games, pinball machines, and of course beers and cocktails. Nerd or not, you’ll have a blast playing these classic cabinet arcade games while you enjoy drinks with friends.

Spokane Comedy Club

Craig Robinson Performing at The Spokane Comedy Club

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Looking for a good laugh? Then stop by the Spokane Comedy Club! This local venue presents local and touring stand-up comedians as well as regular special events. You won’t want to miss some of the shows they have at this club. Some of the world’s most well-known comedians are lined up to stop by like Impractical Jokers’ Joe Gatto or internet comedian Casey Frey. Be sure to check out Spokane Comedy Club if you’re looking for a night full of hearty laughs and great memories.

Garland Theater

Outside the Garland Theater Spokane

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Want to catch a flick that you may have missed while it was in theatres? Have no fear, the Garland Theatre is here! The Garland Theater is the premier place to catch 2nd run movies and classic cinema here in Spokane. This theater has been a historic landmark in Spokane since its opening in 1945 when stars like Bing Crosby and Bob Hope came through the door with well-wishes for the newly established movie house. This is a great date-night spot if you’re looking for somewhere fun and laid back to take that special someone of yours.

Broadway Diner

Broadway Diner Spokane

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Looking for a bite to eat in the middle of the night? Well, the Broadway Diner’s got you covered. With 24-hour service 7 days a week, you can stop in anytime and enjoy a quick bite or a whole meal. They have all the diner classics you could possibly ask for from a classic hamburger to chicken fried steak with a side of fries. Enjoy great service at a great price any time of day when you stop in at the Broadway Diner.


Inside Downtown Spokane Cinder

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