Get ready to strap on your running shoes because Bloomsday is coming to town on Sunday, May 7th. With the sore muscles and low energy that come from training for this nearly 7.5-mile run, you may want to consider stocking up here at Cinder before you start running. Why? Well, certain cannabis products could help make running a little more tolerable and aid some post-run aftercare. So, if you want to know what cannabis products will help you train for Bloomsday, keep reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Bloomsday Training

As someone who runs at the gym myself, I don’t go a single session without the help of some cannabis. I find that a little weed helps with the painful monotony of running for 30 minutes on an elliptical. Plus, as someone who suffers from chronic pain, this little routine I’ve created for myself also helps prevent my pain from becoming unbearable after a long run. So, if you want to know what I personally recommend smoking before training for Bloomsday, here are some of my favorites.

Lemon Headz Microbar

Lemon Headz Microbar Cannabis Disposable Vape

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For those of you looking for something portable and tasty before your Bloomsday training, I recommend the Lemon Headz Microbar. This mouth-puckering sativa has clear notes of sharp juicy citrus that aren’t too overpowering. I’ve actually heard from other stoners who don’t necessarily reach for flavored vapes that they love how subtle yet tasty these things are. In terms of its effects, this couldn’t be a more perfect running choice. Lemon Headz has that energy you expect from a Sativa while also providing a deep sense of relaxation. As a result, I’ve found that this strain puts me in enough of a daze to not get bored while running and provides a sense of relief to my otherwise achy muscles. Not to mention, these have got to be the cutest disposables in town!

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Mintmosa from Sky High Gardens

Mintmosa Cannabis Flower from Sky High Gardens

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If you’re looking to puff on some actual flower before your Bloomsday training, then I recommend getting some Mintmosa from Sky High Gardens. This sativa strain provides balanced energy that will help give you that jump you need to train hard. Plus, as someone who tends not to smoke sativas, I found that this one didn’t have that racing feeling that strains like Tropicana Cookies have given me in the past. Instead, I feel alert and ready to take on whatever I set my mind on. Not only does this strain help me feel ready to run, it’s tasty too! The natural terpene flavor profile of this strain gives it nice a minty citrus kick underneath all the funk.

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Bloomsday After Care

Once you finish up your Bloomsday training, you know your dogs are gonna be barkin’. That’s why we have all of the topical relief you need. 

Dragon Balm XTRA Roll-On

Ceres Dragon Balm Xtra Strength Roll On CBD & THC Topical

Starting off with a personal favorite of mine, you’ll definitely want to pick up some Dragon Balm XTRA Roll-On after you train for Bloomsday. This topical is extremely convenient to carry around and apply, which is why it earns a major point in my book. You can easily take this along in any gym bag or purse and it rolls on as easily as applying deodorant. I love not having to deal with the goopy mess of a jarred cream or balm that you have to apply with your hands. Not only is this balm convenient, but also effective. This meticulous formulation combines cooling menthol and numbing camphor to distract the brain from the pain. Plus, the addition of soothing clove, cajeput, and mint oil together with Ceres pure, potent CO2 extracted oil provides deep and lasting relief.

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Soothe Bath Salts from Ceres

Ceres Soothe Bath Salts

If you like partaking in a relaxing post-workout bath, then you need to add some Soothe Bath Salts to your routine. This product is perfect after a long workout. Soothe Bath Salts are infused with pure CO2-extracted THC oil to help relieve muscle soreness and tension while Eucalyptus oil delivers cooling relief along with the soothing scent of lavender.

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Blueberry Muffin from MJ Productions.

MJ Productions Hash Infused Pre-roll Packs

If your idea of post-workout self-care is simply smoking something dank and sticky, I’m right there with you. For all of those folks, I recommend some Blueberry Muffin from MJ Productions for your Bloomsday training recovery. I personally love their hash-infused pre-rolls for a potent, heavy high. Blueberry Muffin is an indica heavy hybrid that’ll provide a heavy and relaxing high in the body and mind. Not only is this strain great for relaxing after a run, but it’s delicious as well. This is one of the most flavorful strains I’ve ever tried, tasting more like a blueberry muffin than some skunky weed. So, if you need something relaxing and tasty to smoke after your Bloomsday training, pick up some Blueberry Muffin.

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