With 4/20 just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your celebration. Re-stock your stash, call up your friends, and get ready for the best night of the year. To add a little fun to the festivities of the night, we’ve come up with a collection of smoking games to play with your friends this 4/20. Keep reading and get ready to get your game on!


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Before we get into the fun, let’s lay down some rules. To enjoy these games to their full extent, only smoke low concentration flower (less than 20%) while playing. Do NOT smoke dabs or other concentrates to play these games unless it is specifically part of the game, you’ll get way too high way too fast. Think of it like a drinking game. To be able to play all night, you’re going to stick to mostly beer instead of hard liquor. So, stick with joints, bong hits, and pipes for these games. Also, be sure to only smoke according to the game rules as well. There’s no point in playing these games if you’re just gonna puff between rounds!

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Strip Choker

Man Taking Off Shirt in a Game of Strip Choker

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This first game is not meant for the weak-lunged, so only play this if you think you can handle it. In strip choker, all of the players start taking a hit of whatever weed they’re smoking at the same time. Everyone keeps taking in a hit until one person finally caves and exhales or starts coughing up a storm. This person loses the round and therefore has to remove one article of clothing. Keep this going until you’ve got a house full of stripped stoners! 

Ash Bomber

Man Lighting Joint to Smoke Weed

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This one requires some materials and setup, so here’s what you’ll need to do. Get a cup, a sheet of paper (toilet paper works), a cup, a rubber band, a penny, and obviously, a joint. Place the paper over the opening of the cup and secure it down with the rubber band, then place the penny on top of the paper. Now, let the games begin. Each person playing must take at least one toke, then burn a hole into the paper with the joint. Go around the circle taking a hit and then burning a hole into the paper until the penny falls. Whoever makes the penny fall is the loser. We’ll let you decide what their punishment is.

Marijuana MacGyver

Water Bottle Bong for Smoking Weed

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This one will require some crafty thinking and supplies before you get started. For Marijuana MacGyver, each player must use an object from around the house (or, you can buy random objects specifically for the game) and turn them into a bong or pipe. Once everyone has made their masterpiece, every player must try each contraption and vote on which one turned out the best. Reward the winner however you see fit.

Joint Rolling Races

Person Rolling a Joint of Weed

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For this one, you’ll need some freshly ground flower and some papers (maybe a rolling tray and a crutch if you’re feeling fancy). Sit two people side by side, give them the proper tools, and let the races begin. See which of your friends can roll a joint the fastest and let the winner choose the loser’s punishment!


Bob Marley Smoking Weed

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We know everyone reading this knows who Bob Marley is. If you don’t…what are you doing? Go listen to him now! Now, to play Jammin’, the rules are pretty simple. Turn on Bob Marley’s hit song “Jamming” and take a hit every time the word “jammin'” is said in the song. You’re sure to get stoned off your gourd playing this game because Marley says the words “jammin'” over 50 times. It’s up to you if you want to count the background vocals, but if you do you’re in for some rapid-fire toking because there are points in the song where the background vocals say “jammin'” three times in a row!

Wheel of Weed

Game Wheel for Wheel of Weed

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For wheel of weed, all you need is…well a game wheel and some weed. Don’t worry about making your own wheel if you don’t want to, because we curated one just for you! Just click this link and spin the wheel! Each slice has a different smoking challenge to keep you and your friends entertained during your 4/20 celebration.

Nug Hunt

Eggs Hidden in Grass for Nug Hunt

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Remember searching for Easter Eggs every year as a kid? Well, we’re reviving that tradition for stoners this 4/20. Get a cheap set of plastic easter eggs and stuff each one with bud and other weed goodies of your choosing like half-gram joints, edibles, and maybe even some wax. You can even boost the excitement with the elusive golden egg and stuff something real special in it like a vape cartridge or a new bowl piece. Hide the eggs around your house or yard and let your stoner friends loose to hunt!

Mentioning Marijuana

People Watching TV Together

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just gather all your friends around a TV, put on a movie or show, and take a hit every time weed is brought up. We recommend something that mentions weed fairly frequently like That 70’s Show or Pineapple Express. Make sure you clearly define what counts and what doesn’t. If you want our advice, we suggest taking a hit anytime you hear the word “marijuana”, “cannabis”, “pot”, “weed”, “ganja”, “toke”, and other words of that nature. And no, references to lawn weeds don’t count!

In a rush to set up for the games? Don’t worry, we offer online ordering for fast and easy pickup!

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