Here at Cinder, we understand that not every stoner is looking to go to a giant party this 420. As a result, this article is for our fellow homebodies. For those of you looking to stay home and bust a gut laughing, here are some funny TV shows to binge this 420.

I Think you Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Firstly on our list of funny TV shows to binge this 420 is “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson”. Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin are the creators of the series, with the former of the two starring in most of the sketches. At this time, there are 2 seasons available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

This show features cringe-comedy with elements of surreal humor and a little toilet humor. Most of the sketches revolve around someone (often portrayed by Tim Robinson) making an embarrassing mistake in a social or professional setting. This person refuses to admit their wrongdoing. Instead, they stubbornly attempt to convince everyone that they are in the right, while everyone around them is in the wrong. As can be seen, the shows premise itself is already funny, but Tim Robinson’s delivery really brings the humor home.

Nathan for You

For our next pick of funny TV shows to binge this 420 is “Nathan for You”. Nathan Fielder is both the creator and star of the show. In this series, Nathan plays a fictionalized off-kilter version of himself. In the show, Nathan uses his background in business and life experiences to help struggling people and businesses. His suggestions are particularly outlandish and often involve loopholes, parodying the methods of marketing and management consultants. Thus, throughout the episodes, Nathan’s confidence is often torn down as his bizarre ideas fail.

His character is based on his own real-life struggles with social anxiety. He noted that he did not want the character to “feel like a comedy character”. Rather, he wanted his character to deliver “the most authentic moments from [himself]”. This show is a great choice for those who can relate to the struggles of dealing with social anxiety, or anyone who gets a kick out of cringe-style comedy.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Continuing our list of funny TV shows to binge this 420 we have “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. Drew Carey originally hosted the show when began airing in 1998. It eventually ended in 2007, but in 2013 the series got a revival and is now hosted by Aisha Tyler. The series features Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady as its regular performers with its fourth seat being occupied by a different guest panelist each show.

The show features performers who play various improv games in front of a live audience. Topics for the games are based on audience suggestions or predetermined prompts from the host. There are eight games that have been performed at least once in every season: Scenes from a Hat, Greatest Hits, Props, Let’s Make a Date, Weird Newscasters, Duet, Helping Hands, and Questions Only. This show is a great choice for fans of improv comedy or those who want the longest possible show to binge. There are 20 whole seasons available for your bingeing pleasure.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Up next on our list of funny TV shows to binge this 420 is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. This series follows a group of misfit sociopaths who run an unsuccessful Irish bar called “Paddy’s Pub”. The gang consists of the janitor Charlie Kelly, bouncer Mac, bartender Dennis Reynolds, and waitress Dee Reynolds. In the second season, the cast grows to include Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds. The characters in this show are what makes this show so funny, as you aren’t necessarily supposed to relate to or root for any of them.



Charlie Kelly in Funny TV Show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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Charlie Kelly, the janitor, co-owns the bar with Mac and Dennis. He lives in squalor with Frank in a run-down, vermin-infested apartment, and has deep-rooted issues. Additionally, he is known for abusing and ingesting substances not fit for human consumption like paint, glue, cat food, and stickers. Despite his illiteracy and lack of general intelligence, Charlie is a naturally gifted musician and arguably the only one at the bar who does his job.


Dennis Reynolds in Funny TV Show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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Dennis Reynolds is the main bartender and co-owner of Paddy’s Pub. He is also Dee’s twin brother and Frank’s son. Originally portrayed as the most intelligent and normal-seeming of the bunch, the series slowly reveals that he is actually a massive narcissistic psychopath. He is extremely selfish, vain, and abrasive. On top of this, he is constantly belittling his counterparts and tricking people to do his bidding (this often being Charlie). He also holds himself in the highest regard, going so far as to call himself a “golden god”.


Mac in Funny TV Show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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Ronald “Mac” McDonald is the self-proclaimed bouncer and 3rd co-owner of Paddy’s Pub. Mac is deeply insecure and as a result puts on a macho man persona throughout most of the series. He is constantly seeking validation from those around him. The actor who portrays him, Rob McElhenney, even gains and loses 60 pounds to depict the character at various weights throughout the show. Mac is also a Roman Catholic, though he often espouses strong Christian fundamentalist opinions. This is highly ironic as his behavior is often immoral and he is known to have casual sex with numerous women.


Dee in Funny TV Show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds is a waitress and occasional bartender at Paddy’s Pub. She is Dennis’s twin sister and Frank’s daughter. She is initially depicted as a struggling actress who is “the voice of reason”, but gradually loses any sense of moral fortitude she once had after spending time with the gang. Dee is known for being petty, scheming, and just as prejudiced and depraved as her male counterparts.


Frank Reynolds in Funny TV Show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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Frank Reynolds, who is not introduced until season 2, is Dennis and Dee’s father. He becomes the majority owner of Paddy’s Pub shortly after his introduction. His millionaire status allows him to fund the gang’s worst schemes and impulses, just to feel a sense of youthfulness and energy. He was once a successful businessman with a long history of illegal operations, but chose to abandon that life and redeem himself after leaving his “whore wife”. He soon embraces his “feral” nature and describes himself as “fringe class”. Despite his substantial financial resources, he chooses to share a filthy studio apartment with Charlie. The two sleep together on a pullout couch and have a surprisingly affectionate pseudo-father/son relationship.

What We Do in the Shadows

Last, but certainly not least on our list of funny TV shows to binge this 420 is What We Do in the Shadows. This show is based on the movie of the same name, which made its debut in 2014. The series is a mockumentary comedy horror made by Jemain Clement and Taika Waititi. Set primarily in Staten Island, the show follows the lives of three traditional vampires, Nandor, Lazlo, energy vampire Colin Robinson, and Nador’s human familiar Guillermo.



Nandor from What We Do In The Shadows

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Nandor the Relentless was once the bloodthirsty leader of the fictional kingdom of Al-Quolanudar and a warrior serving the Ottoman Empire. At age 760, he is the oldest vampire and self-proclaimed leader of the group. As such, he often calls house meetings for frivolous discussions. Although he genuinely cares for his familiar Guillermo, he has difficulty expressing it. Nandor is hilariously naive to the ways of modern society and humans, often landing him in precarious situations. This is particularly annoying for Guillermo, who is often left to help Nandor in these situations.


Lazlo from What We Do In The Shadows

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Leslie “Lazlo” Cravensworth is a 310-year-old British nobleman vampire who was turned by his now wife Nadja. He is a pansexual former porn actor, who is often preoccupied by thoughts of sex. In contingence with this, also enjoys sculpting the shrubbery in their yard to look like vulvas, including those of his wife and mother. He also confesses to being the infamous Jack the Ripper.


Nadja from What We Do In The Shadows

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Nadja of Antipaxos is a 500-year-old Greek Romani vampire who turned Lazlo into a vampire and later married him. She is frequently frustrated with her male housemates and nostalgic about her human life. She is often the voice of reason in the house. In later seasons, she becomes the manager of her very own vampire nightclub.

Colin Robinson

Colin Robinson from What We Do In The Shadows

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Colin Robinson, who is often referred to by his full name, is an energy vampire who lives in the basement. As an energy vampire, he sucks the energy out of people instead of blood. This is done by being boring or annoying, either by talking extensively about things no one cares about or purposely irritating those he seeks energy from. As a “day walker”, Colin is not harmed by sunlight or entry into churches like his housemates. As a result, he is able to work a day job. Here, he can suck the energy from his coworkers. The other vampires are continually annoyed with him and often try to avoid him. Be that as it may, they are entirely dependent on him financially.


Guillermo from What We Do in the Shadows

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Guillermo de la Cruz is Nandor’s long-suffering human familiar. On a daily basis, he has to deal with an unreasonable workload and Nandor’s disregard for his morality. Despite this, he has served his master for more than a decade. This is in the hope that Nandor will turn him into a vampire. It is also implied throughout the early parts of the series that Guillermo is gay, as he often shows signs of having a crush on his master. 

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