Happy Holidays Cinder family! We know you’ve got someone in your family who is a dab connoisseur. That is why we’re here with our Top 10 Best Dab Extracts list! Save yourself the stress of figuring out what to buy and just reference this handy guide when you come to see us at Cinder. Whether you’re looking for the best crumble, rosin, or live resin, we’ve got you covered!

Best Live Resin Dab

Bodhi High Platinum Pure Live Resin Dab Cannabis Extract Concentrate

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Coming up first on our list of top 10 best dab extracts is our choice for best live resin: Bodhi High’s Platinum Pure Live Resin! Bodhi High’s Platinum Pure is a line of live resin concentrates created from fresh-frozen nug runs of sustainably grown cannabis. These extracts undergo a careful extraction process to preserve their exceptional terpene profiles. As a result, you get these high-quality concentrates with unique flavors and aromas. The Platinum Pure line offers a variety of concentrate consistencies including terp batter, terp crystals, and jewels n’ juice.

Best Crumble Dab

Dank Czar Crumble Wax Dab Cannabis Extract

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Up next on our list of top 10 best dab extracts is our choice for the best crumble: Dank Czar’s Ultra Premium Concentrate. Dank Czar’s concentrate starts with fresh-frozen material that is harvested at peak ripeness, sealed, and immediately flash-frozen. As a result of this process, the terpenes in this extract are perfectly preserved until the moment you dab it. This concentrate mimics the aroma of the ready-to-harvest cannabis flower, giving it a mouthwatering flavor.

Best Diamonds & Sauce Dab

Regulator Lava Rocks Diamonds and Sauce Cannabis Concentrate Extract Dab

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Moving along our list of the top 10 best dab extracts is our choice for best diamonds & sauce: Regulator’s Lava Rocks. Regulator Lava Rocks are highly potent, naturally formed THCA crystalline diamonds that are perfectly blended with their strain-specific terpene extract. Regulator carefully taste tests and grades their products to ensure they arrive at the perfect intersection of quality and price. Every lot is also independently lab-tested for pesticides and potency, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy Regulator Lava Rocks.

Best Terp Sugar Dab

Dabstract Live Resin Terp Sugar Concentrate Cannabis Extract

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Next up on our list of the top 10 best dab extracts is our choice for the best terp sugar: Dabstract’s Live Resin Terp Sugar. Terp sugar is a classic Dabstract product and remains a favorite. Terp sugar is a flavorful terpene-rich concentrate that retains the naturally occurring strain-specific terpenes from each unique genetic trait. This extract is a fine, granulated sugar type of consistency that is easy to work with and to portion.

Best Shatter Dab

Doc Croc Cannabis Extract Concentrate BHO Butane Hash Oil Shatter

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Another great product on our list of top 10 best dab extracts is our choice for the best shatter: Doc Croc’s Shatter. To make this shatter, sugar leaf is rammed into stainless steel columns made especially for Doc Croc’s closed-loop extraction. The columns are then flushed with N-Butane to extract the trichomes from the plant material. Then, the jacketed columns are supercooled with liquid nitrogen. After the extraction process is completed, the butane hash oil is spread out onto parchment paper to form slabs. Then, it is placed in a vacuum oven to be purged of residual solvents. These slabs are turned over daily to expose more surface area to this purging process. Vacuuming purging takes three days, after which the shatter takes on its classic Swiss cheese appearance. Doc Croc is preferred by dabbers for its taste and consistent quality.

Best Rosin Dab

Green State Cannabis Extract Rosin Solventless Dab Concentrate

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Up next on our list of top 10 best dab extracts is our choice for the best rosin: Greenstate’s Hash Rosin. Rosin is a solventless concentrate that is created through the simple use of heat and pressure. This process creates a sticky, potent, and flavorful concentrate with a rich aroma. Rosin is one of the highest-quality concentrates in the current cannabis market and offers an incredibly clean and potent dabbing experience

Best Hash Dab

Sitka Lebanese Red Hash Dry Sift Hashish Cannabis Extract Dab

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Moving along our list of top 10 best dab extracts we have our choice for the best hash: Sitka’s Lebanese Red Hashish Dry Sift. This hash is a mix of indica varieties that’s been carefully dry-sifted and hand-selected by the hash master. As a result, the final product has a heavy body effect and bold, complex, yet smooth taste with an aroma reminiscent of roses, spice, and lavender. When properly extracted, dry sift is pressed and cured. The curing process alters the terpene profiles and creates the unmistakable “hashy flavor”, intoxicating aroma, ultra smooth smoke, steady burn rate, and strong buzz known to hashish smokers worldwide for centuries.

Best Isolate Dab

Dope Cooks THCa Isolate Cannabis Extract DabImage Source

Next up on our list of top 10 best dab extracts is our choice for the best isolate: Dope Cook’s Diamond Dust. Diamond Dust is pure THCa crystals that have been separated from the terpenes. As a result, this product is extremely potent without affecting the flavor or aroma of your experience. While you can dab it, you can also use it to top a bowl of flower, sprinkle it in a joint, or even use it to infuse your own edibles.

Best Budget Dab

Dabs 4 Less Cannabis Extract Concentrate Dab

Up next on our list of top 10 best dab extracts is our choice for the best Budget Dab: Dabs For Less Wax. Dabs 4 Less is a subsidiary of Emerald City Cultivation that offers great dabs at insanely low prices. Here at Cinder, you can get Dabs 4 Less wax for just $10 a gram! If you’re looking for a standard BHO/PHO dab at an unbeatable price, this is the dab for you!

Best Top-Shelf Dab

Lifted Cannabis Extract Live Resin Badder Concentrate Dab

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Lastly, we have our choice for the best top-shelf dab: Lifted’s Live Resin Badder. Lifted’s Live Resin Badder is produced using freshly harvested flower which is frozen prior to and throughout the extraction process. This allows them to skip the typical drying and curing phases. Afterward, the live resin is whipped to create a smooth and butter-like consistency for a truly luxurious dabbing experience.


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This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming. Which is to say, cannabis can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Therefore, do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. Furthermore, there may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. To sum up, keep out of the reach of children.