Are you looking for the right movie to put on while the family stays over for Thanksgiving? Well, we’ve got you covered. Not only have we picked out some Thanksgiving movies to throw up on the TV, but we’ve also got the perfect strain to pair with each one. So, keep reading to see what movies you should be watching this Thanksgiving and what strains to smoke along with it.

Addams Family Values

The first Thanksgiving movie on our list is Addams Family Values. While most movies starring this creepy, cooky family are associated with Halloween, this movie is one that many enjoy watching during Thanksgiving. In this movie, Morticia and Gomez hire a nanny to watch their children Pugsley, Wednesday, and their newborn son Pubert. However, unbeknownst to them, this new nanny has dastardly ulterior motives. She is a prolific serial killer, whose M.O. is to marry and kill wealthy bachelors in a scheme to inherit all of their money. When she enters the Addams family home, she immediately hones in on her next target, Uncle Fester.

Wednesday immediately notices something is off about the nanny, and the nanny is not about to have her cover blown. In order to see her plan through, the nanny tricks Morticia and Gomez into believing that the children want to go to summer camp. As a result, Wednesday and Puglsey are shipped off to Camp Chippewa. While the kids are at camp being forced to get along with the normal children and participate in the upcoming Thanksgiving play, the nanny continues in her efforts to marry and kill Fester back at home.

Strain Pairing: Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife Cannabis Weed Strain

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In honor of the nanny who seeks to marry Fester for his money, we’ve paired Addams Family Values with Trophy Wife. Trophy Wife is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that crosses The Wife with Cherry Wine. The result is a strain that smells like sour herbs and chemical earth all wrapped in a citrusy blanket. In terms of flavor, this strain will fill your mouth with the taste of sour citrus and sweet herbs alongside an accent of earth. As for the high, this strain has super long-lasting calming effects that stimulate both the mind and body.

The Oath

Up next on our list of Thanksgiving movies is The Oath. This movie takes place in a reality where Americans are encouraged to sign an oath swearing their allegiance to the United States government by Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. The story follows a couple, Chris and Kai, as they host their family’s Thanksgiving dinner. As the night goes on, Chris regularly breaks away from the table to check the news, where reports of a societal collapse continue to come in as the deadline for the oath grows nearer. While Chris’ whole family has already signed this Oath, he has not, as he strongly opposes it. The next day rolls around and the family is visited by two government agents who have come to question Chris about his resistance to signing the oath. Chris is defiant during this encounter and eventually, he and his wife forcibly subdue the agents.

Strain Pairing: Presidential Kush

Presidential Kush Weed Cannabis Strain

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In honor of the presidential decree that is the cause of chaos in this movie, we’ve paired The Oath with Presidential Kush. Presidential Kush is an indica-dominant strain created by crossing Bubble Gum with OG Kush. This strain delivers a citrusy sweet flavor with a hint of woody pine in addition to touches of mellow spice. As for the aroma, this strain smells spicy, earthy, and overall pungent with a hint of sweet pine. With a fairly high potency average, Presidential Kush doesn’t require much toking before you start to feel the effects. The high begins with an initial head rush that could lead to euphoria and an overall feeling of happiness and bliss. As time goes on, you may experience a buzz that slowly makes its way over your whole body, leaving you with a sense of warm relaxation.

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Rocky II

Moving along our list of Thanksgiving movies is Rocky II. In this sequel, we follow the likes of Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa after their match in the first movie. Apollo challenges Rocky to another fight despite their agreement not to have a re-match. Of course, having already agreed to not have a rematch, Rocky declines and retires from professional boxing. Despite this, Apollo is still eager to take Rocky on for another match. As a result, Apollo demands that his team do whatever is necessary to get Rocky back in the ring with him. By the climax of the movie, Rocky and Apollo are officially set to have a rematch on Thanksgiving night.

Strain Pairing: Purple Punch

Purple Punch Weed Cannabis Strain

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In honor of the man known for his ability to knock out his opponents with a single fist, we’ve chosen Purple Punch. Purple Punch is a rare indica dominant hybrid that crosses Larry OG with Grand Daddy Purps. This strain has a potency as strong as a punch from Rocky himself with a THC average hovering around 18-20%. As a result, you’ll feel an immediate punch of euphoria to the head as your mood is elevated and your body begins to relax. As time goes on, you may begin to feel the sedative effects kick in as you begin to doze off. In terms of the aroma, this strain smells like earthy blueberries and grapes with a sweet herbal overtone. As for the flavor, you’ll be delighted by this strain’s vanilla blueberry taste which has the slightest hint of sour grape candy.

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Jack & Jill

Nearing the end of our Thanksgiving movies list is Jack and Jill. This film is brought to us by America’s favorite funny man, Adam Sandler. The story follows a pair of twins, Jack and Jill. Jack is a fairly average guy with a successful career, a wife, and two children. His sister Jill, on the other hand, tends to find disaster wherever she goes. The story begins as Jill visits for Thanksgiving, announcing to Jack’s dismay that she won’t be leaving until after Hannukah. Throughout the story, Jill manages to embarrass her brother at every turn and cause chaos for the whole family.

Strain Pairing: Jack & Jill

Jack and Jill Strain Cannabis Weed from Phat Panda

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For quite an obvious reason, we’ve paired the movie Jack & Jill with a strain of the same name. Jack & Jill is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Jack Herer with Trophy Wife. The result is a bright sativa that will activate your mind while also helping you settle down. This strain hits fast, helping you feel motivated and euphoric. A tingly physical high follows to provide a sense of relief without feeling sedated. In terms of flavor, this strain tastes like sweet blueberry and mango with accents of earthy flowers. As for the aroma, this strain smells like skunky tropical citrus with notes of earthy flowers and blueberries.

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Last up on our list of Thanksgiving movies is Thankskilling. We should warn you before you put this one on that this is definitely a lot raunchier and gorier than the other entries on this list. So, we wouldn’t recommend playing this one while the kids are over. This independent black comedy slasher film starts on the first Thanksgiving in 1621, where a demonic turkey has been conjured to kill. Centuries later, this demonic turkey is said to appear every 500 years to return for slaughter. That being said, this demonic turkey is released early when a dog pees on the totem pole that stored his spirit. Once he is released, this demonic turkey goes on a killing spree.

Strain Pairing: Killa Kush

Killa Kush Weed Cannabis Strain

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In honor of the blood-thirsty turkey at the center of this film. we’ve paired Thankskilling with Killa Kush. Killa Kush is a slightly indica-dominant strain that crosses Bubba Kush with Killa Queen. This strain packs a full-bodied high that’s great for relaxing without having you stuck to your couch. In terms of flavor, Killa Kush tastes like super sour skunky citrus with a lightly spicey and fruity exhale. As for the aroma, this strain smells like fermenting fruit and spicy skunk with a hint of sharp spicy citrus.


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