Spokane was officially founded in 1873 and has slowly grown into a bustling city with a rich history. With several buildings that have been standing for over a decade, there is no shortage of hauntings to explore. Here in Spokane, there are many buildings that are reported to be haunted, many in the heart of Downtown. In this article, you’ll find a list of haunted buildings to explore on your own self-guided Spokane ghost tour through Downtown Spokane.

Use this self-guided map put together by the Spokane Public Library to help you along your spooky journey!

The Old Spaghetti Factory

Historic Photo of the Olds Spaghetti Factory in Spokane

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First up on our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations, we have The Old Spaghetti Factory. The Old Spaghetti Factory proudly serves all of your favorites at over 40 locations, but one location is host to more than just delicious pasta dishes. Here in Spokane, our Old Spaghetti factory is rumored to be haunted by prohibition-era ghosts. Before it was the Old Spaghetti Factory, the building was a liquor warehouse established in 1890. In the early 1900s, the building also served as a warehouse for a large grocer and mail-order house. According to staff, ghosts of rum runners have been spotted in the former liquor warehouse. These ghosts have been reported both inside and on the train cargo platform. There have also supposedly been reports of ghosts in the kitchen and staff areas during closing hours.

The Steam Plant

Historic Photo of the Steam Plant in Downtown Spokane

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Next on our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations, we have The Steam Plant. The Spokane Steam Plant began as a simple cost-saving measure. This steam plant was built as a central location to produce steam heat for five buildings. Now, the Steam Plant is used as a commercial space and is home to several businesses as well as the paranormal. Prior to its final construction, the Steam Plant was built on the site of a passenger terminal destroyed in the Great Fire of 1889. During construction, workers stopped work or walked off the job altogether when they heard strange cries and saw dark figures. To this day, people report seeing the apparitions of those who lost their lives in the Great Fire of 1889.

The Davenport Hotel

Historic Photo of the Davenport Hotel in Downtown Spokane

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Coming up next on our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations is the Davenport Hotel. Known for being the most luxurious hotel in downtown Spokane, the Historic Davenport Hotel is also one of the most haunted. From humble beginnings, the Davenport Hotel started as a waffle restaurant opened by Llewellyn Marks “Louis” Davenport in 1889. By 1914, the location bloomed into the original Davenport Hotel. Mr.Davenport loved his hotel so much that he lived in Suite 1103 all the way until his death in 1951.

Nowadays, several guests and plenty of employees working the night shift have reported seeing a ghost-like figure roaming the halls in a bathrobe and slippers. This is especially haunting once you learn that Mr.Davenport was known to habitually wake up at 3 a.m. and walk around the hotel in his bathrobe and slippers to ensure that his guests were safe and comfortable. So, it seems like Mr.Davenport is still lovingly tending to his guests even after his passing.

Bing Crosby Theater

Historic Photo of the Bing Crosby Theater in Downtown Spokane

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Moving along our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations, we have The Bing Crosby Theater. A well-renowned concert and event venue here in Spokane, The Bing Crosby Theater has two long-standing ghosts that have been spotted by patrons throughout the years at the haunted theater. The first is a former stage manager. This stage manager was known for working tirelessly and dedicating himself fully to his position at the theater. Late one night, the unnamed stage manager took a break backstage and sat himself down on an ottoman for a breather. While sitting here, he suffered a heart attack and died on the ottoman. Those who venture backstage into the theater’s green room report seeing his apparition sitting quietly like he was the night he died.

Second, and perhaps more notoriously, is a female ghost known to pace the theater’s balcony. It’s rumored that the young woman was waiting for her lover to meet her at the theater so that they could run away together. When he didn’t show, the heartbroken lovebird flung herself off the balcony and did not survive the impact. Many reports state seeing her pacing along the balcony to this day, still waiting for her lost lover.

Martin Woldson Fox Theater

Historic Photo of the Fox Theater in Downtown Spokane

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Up next on our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations is the Fox Theater. The theater originally opened on the evening of September 3rd, 1931. In November of 2007, the theater was fully renovated and reopened after being slated for demolition back in 2000. During this restoration project, construction workers reportedly encountered a ghost named “Otis” who would misplace their tools and cause their equipment to fail.

The Former Odd Fellow’s Temple

Historic Photo of the Old Odd Fellows Building in Downtown Spokane

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Coming up next on our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations is the former Odd Fellow’s Temple. Back in 1880, a sect of the Odd Fellowship settled in Spokane. Today, this three-story building is supposedly home to plenty of strange phenomena. Some people have reported the apparition of a little girl in a dress running back and forth. Others report strange smells and moving objects believed to be caused by the ghosts of former Old Fellows.

Carnegie Library

Historic Photo of the Carnegie Library in Spokane

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Next up on our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations is the Carnegie Library. Built in 1904, the Carnegie Library Main Branch was the first true library structure in the city. Supposedly, the first head librarian’s ghost still roams the building to this day. Many report seeing his face looming near the windows of the library.

Peyton Building

Historic Photo of the Peyton Building in Spokane

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Moving along our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations we have the Peyton Building. The Peyton Building was built in 1898 and arose from the ashes of the Great Eastern Building. Taking a look back in time, The Great Eastern Building was gutted by a fire that broke out in the middle of the night on January 24th, 1898. Unfortunately, this fire claimed the lives of eight people who lived on the upper floors of the Great Eastern Building. With only the exterior wall intact following the fire, the building was purchased by Colonel Isaac N. Peyton in 1898. The Peyton was built using the remaining walls of the Great Eastern. This could be one reason spirits are still tethered to the property to this day.

Post St Bridge

Historic Photo of the Post Street Bridge in Spokane

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Up next on our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations is the Post St. Bridge. In 1869, a series of unfortunate events led to the suicides of two upper-crust young men, one right after the other. After a night of drinking and partying, a man named Tom joked about committing suicide and left his revolver to his friend Max. In reality, this was no joke, as Tom had drunk poison and died later that night.

Inconsolable after the death of his friend, the rejection by his fiance finally broke young Max. He drowned his sorrows in booze and was put on suicide watch by a hired guard. Alas, the guard couldn’t keep an eye on Max 24/7, and the young man managed to sneak off to the Post St. Bridge. Once at the bridge, Max grabbed Tom’s revolver, sat on the edge of the bridge, and shot himself, tumbling into the water below. This is one of the first known instances of a death on this bridge, but in the years since many suicides and homicides alike have been reported on this bridge. As a result, many still feel the presence of these tragically lost souls on the bridge. If you need help, call the suicide helpline: 800-273-8255. Your life matters.

Spokane Club

Historic Photo of the Spokane Club

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Continuing down our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations we have the Spokane Club. For well over a century, the Spokane Club has been a place for its members to work, gather, play, and encounter the paranormal. The bar, restaurant, ballrooms, and hotel rooms have all had reported ghost sightings by guests. Once only open to men, it is believed that these original members still roam the hall of the club.

City Hall

The Old Montgomery and Ward Building, now City Hall in Downtown Spokane

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Next up on our Spokane ghost tour list of haunted locations is City Hall. Before it was City Hall, this art deco concrete and steel structure was originally a Montgomery Ward department store. The decision to remodel the building was not popular, and as a result, it is believed that the ghosts of former shoppers still haunt the halls in search of various wares and home goods. Additionally, this building features hideous drooped ceilings that only further the feeling of unease instilled in visitors.

Old Smith Funeral Home

Photo of the North Coast Life Insurance Building in Spokane

Unfortunately, there are no photo records of the building during its time as the Smith Funeral Home

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Nearing the end of our Spokane Ghost Tour list of haunted locations we have the Old Smith Funeral Home. Now home to North Coast Life Insurance Company, this historic building was built in 1912. The basement and street level were used for the Smith and Company Mortuary parlors and workrooms, while the second and third floors housed apartments and the fourth floor housed laundry and workrooms. The mortuary operated for nearly 6 decades until it was turned over to North Coast Life Insurance in the 1980s. Despite this remodel, the ghosts of the deceased who were brought to the funeral home are still reported to be seen in the building to this day.

Hotel Indigo and Magnolia Restaurant

Historic Photo of the Old Otis now Hotel Magnolia in Spokane

Image Source

Finally, the last entry on our Spokane Ghost Tour list of haunted locations is the Hotel Indigo. Before it was the Hotel Indigo, this building was home to the Otis. Having been built in 1911, this building has seen a fair number of visitors pass through. It originally served as a single-room-only housing option for those in search of inexpensive housing. After this period, it stood empty for years and became so spooky and run-down that it was used as a backdrop in the zombie show Z-Nation. Since being renovated, guests of the Indigo have reported the ghosts of former tenants in the building.

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