This President’s Day, we’ve got savings galore for both our Washington and New Mexico customers. Keep reading to see how you can keep some presidents in your wallet with savings from our President’s Day sale here at Cinder Cannabis. Additionally, we’ve included some presidential-themed strains to highlight in honor of the holiday.

Washington President’s Day Sale

President's Day Sale at Cinder Cannabis Dispensary

This President’s Day in Washington, choose from our selection of patriotic goodies on our Presidential 5-On-It Menu. For just $5 you can get some rolling papers that look like $100 bills to help you roll the most expensive-looking joints in town. If you’ve got $10, you can get a full gram of Parks and Rec wax. For $15, you can come in and get an entire 10-pack of Mt.Baker Homegrown pre-rolls. Finally, for $20, you can walk out of any Cinder in Washington with an entire 4g of Buddy Boy’s Presidential Kush flower. So, be sure to stop in between February 19th and 25th for huge savings during our President’s Day sale.

New Mexico President’s Day Sale

President's Day Sale New Mexico Cinder Cannabis Dispensary

For our New Mexico customers, we’ve got some big savings to pass on during our President’s Day Sale. For starters, most Cinder Industries products will be on sale for a whopping 20% off. But, that’s not all. We’ll also have half ounces of House flower for just $50 and whole House ounces for just $100! So, be sure to stop in between February 19th and 25th for huge savings during our President’s Day Sale.

Presidential Weed Strains

Presidential Kush

Presidential Seal on the Speaking Podium of the President of the United States

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Up first on our list of strains to smoke this President’s Day is Presidential Kush. Presidential Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Bubble Gum with OG Kush. This strain features a sweet citrusy flavor with hints of woody pine with a subtle hint of spices. In terms of the aroma, this strain smells very spicy and earthy with pungent overtones and hints of sweet pine. When you smoke Presidential Kush, you may experience a super potent high with heavy full-body effects. On the first hit, the high tends to come on instantly with a cerebral head rush that leaves you feeling happy and euphoric with an overall feeling of bliss. As the high builds, you may experience a strong body buzz that slowly spreads across your entire body helping you feel warm and relaxed.

Obama Kush

Former President of the United States Barack Obama

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Another strain to check out this President’s Day is Obama Kush. Obama Kush is an indica-dominate strain that crosses Afghani and OG Kush. This strain delivers a high that is mellow while helping you feel a creative boost. As a result, Obama Kush is a great choice for those looking for something to smoke before diving into a creative project. When it comes to flavor, this strain has a light, earthy kush taste that isn’t overpowering. As for the aroma, this strain smells pungent and sweet with a hint of pine.

Washington Glue

First President of the United States of America George Washington

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Moving on with our list of strains to check out this President’s Day we have Washington Glue. Washington Glue is a rare slightly indica-dominant phenotype of the famous Gorilla Glue #4. The high from this strain delivers body-melting effects that may have you feeling spacey for hours. As a result, this strain is perfect for a lazy evening indoors when you just need to fully decompress and relax. When you smoke Washington Glue, you’ll initially feel a light influx of euphoria that quickly transforms into an unfocused state of bliss. As a Glue strain, you can also expect to feel slightly couch-locked as the high settles in. When it comes to flavor, this strain tastes like sweet, citrusy cedar and pine on the exhale. As for the aroma, Washington Glue smells earthy with a slightly sour overtone that’s accented by citrusy herbs and fresh woods.

Freedom Fighter

Bald Eagles Fighting

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Another strain to smoke up this President’s Day is Freedom Fighter. Freedom Fighter is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that crosses 88 G-13 Hash Plant with Space Queen. The high starts in the head as you’re hit with the cerebral effects that may have you feeling happy and euphoric. As time goes on, you may also begin to feel more creative and sociable. Finally, a heavy physical relaxation begins to set in as your body slowly begins to experience couch-lock. When it comes to flavor, this strain tastes sour, citrusy, and woody with notes of fresh tropical fruit. Similarly, the aroma of this strain features notes of sour tropical citrus that are accented by pine, spice, and herbs. This is a great strain for anyone looking for some bud to contribute to the smoke circle thanks to its social high.

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