Are you ready for a 6 days chocked full of delicious food and free live music? That’s right, it’s almost time to loosen your belts in preparation for the highly anticipated Pig Out in the Park! This year’s 42nd Annual Pig Out in the Park takes place from August 30th to September 4th from 11am to 10pm daily. The best part? Admission is completely free! 

What is Pig Out in the Park?

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Pig Out in the Park is a cooperative project produced by Burke Marketing and the Six Bridges Arts Association. Since 1979, this event has raised nearly 8.5 million dollars. Since then, it has grown into Spokane’s premier six-day Labor Day Weekend food and free music festival. Pig Out in the Park is a family-friendly event that is one of Spokane’s most ethnically diverse annual events. Everyone is welcome at Pig Out in the Park.

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Pig Out in the Park takes place in Riverfront Park in the heart of Downtown Spokane. Here, you get free admission to the city’s favorite festival. Walk around and take in the feeling of the warm sun on your skin, the sound of music in the air, and the smell of fresh hot food wafting around the park.

History of Pig Out in the Park

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The first Pig Out in the Park took place here in Spokane in 1979. During its 40-year run, Pig Out has served over 3,750,000 hungry customers. It has been estimated that Pig Out in the Park currently has a 6.5 million dollar annual economic impact and a 40-year total of well over 165 million dollars. In addition, Pig Out in the Park has employed over 750 part-time employees, hired over 3,500 musical acts, and paid over 2.95 million dollars in entertainment talent fees and concert production costs. They’ve also worked with over 575 different food and public market vendors and more than 295 local and regional small and family-owned businesses.  Concert at Pig Out in the Park

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Above all else, Pig Out in the Park has maintained a great reputation with professional talent representation and has been selected as one of Washington State’s most popular 10 annual events. In fact, Pig Out in the Park has been voted Spokane’s favorite festival for several years. The 2019 Pig Out in the Park was their best event to date, with their largest audience ever. In total, about 122,000 people attended Pig Out over the six days that year.

This Year’s Pig Out in the Park

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The 42nd Annual Pig Out in the Park will feature a whopping 50 food booths, 250 menu items, 35 public market booths, 112 free concerts, and 4 adult beverage gardens all for your enjoyment. Some vendors you can expect to see serving up great eats are restaurants like Philly Bros, Ben & Jerry’s, Longhorn BBQ, and more! In addition, you can expect to see performances from Nixon Rodeo, Digital Underground, and over 100 more free shows all Pig Out long.

Edibles/Drinks To Help You Pig Out

With a festival dedicated to eating food all day long, you’re gonna need to work up some serious munchies if you’re gonna experience as many of the flavors and cuisines as you can at Pig Out in the Park. 

Pioneer Squares

Pioneer Squares Cannabis Edibles

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Pioneer Squares are artisan chews that are sure to satisfy. These tasty little squares are pectin-based, vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher certified. With low dose THC and CBD options these edibles provide and easy way to control your THC intake. They offer a variety of flavors like Black & Blueberry, Pineapple Crush, Black Licorice, Bourbon-Scotch, Dark Chocolate, Lemon Mandarin, Pink Lemonade, and Ruby Grapefruit.

Sungaze Seltzers

Sungaze Cannabis Infused Selzters

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Sungaze Cannabis Company specializes in making fruited, cannabis-infused seltzers. Bale Breaker Brewing Company and Painted Rooster Cannabis Company are the masterminds behind this delicious drink. These seltzers are not only delicious, but tailored to give you just the right amount of chill. At 2.5mg of THC and 5mg CBD per can, Sungaze beverages allow you to ease into your high. Additionally, Sungaze seltzers come in 3 mouth-watering flavors: Lemon-Ginger, Lime-Agave, and Strawberry Citrus.

Wyld Edibles

Wyld Cannabis-Infused Edibles

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Wyld is one of America’s best-selling cannabis gummy brand. This was made possible thanks to their reputation for providing trustworthy, repeatable cannabis experiences that consumers can count on. Not only are their gummies high-quality and consistently dosed, but their super tasty as well! Each flavor is made with all-natural ingredients, strain-specific terpene blends, and real fruit! Wyld gummies come in a variety of deliciously fruity flavors including blood orange, huckleberry, marionberry, pomegranate, peach, strawberry, pear, and elderberry.

Wildside Shots

Wildside Cannabis Infused Beverages

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Green Revolution’s Wildside beverages are the perfect way to enjoy cannabis socially. You can create a cannabis drink like a mocktail, or just drink them as is! Wildside shots allow you to choose a cannabis drink that suits you best. Green Revolution’s Wildside energy shots are made using UNET technology to initiate a rapid release of effects. All Wildside Shots are enhanced with nanotechnology for ultimate speed and bioavailability. You can enjoy these shots in several different flavors. Try one in Orange Cream, Sour Green Apple, Pineapple Orange Guava, Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Berry, Lemon Orange, or Raspberry.

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