There is always confusion when it comes to pesticide use in the i502 industry. The Liquor and Cannabis Control Board screens all products for unapproved herbicides. It also provides growers with a list of pest-control methods that are approved. Today, we will discuss the difference between pesticide free and pesticide tested.

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Pesticide Free

There are plenty of brands on dispensary shelves that have the words “pesticide free” on their packaging. However, the truth is that the phrase “pesticide free” is misleading. Some form of pest control will always be necessary in cannabis cultivation. Even water could be considered a pesticide.

A product has tested free of pesticides when you see the words “pesticide free” on a label. Claiming to be pesticide free doesn’t mean pesticides are not used during the process. Some growers use pest management methods like beneficial insects, bacteria, fungus, and oils that are all naturally occurring substances. Technically, these are pesticides because they keep pests away but some will label their product as pesticide free.

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Pesticide Tested

A product has been tested for pesticides when you see the label “pesticide tested” on a cannabis product. It does not mean the product is free of pesticides, only that it was tested for pesticides. Pesticides allowed by the state are not going to be included because they will be regarded as compliant.

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What are pesticides?

Pesticides are substances used for destroying bugs or other pests that are harmful to plants during their growing process. Many homeowners use weed killers such as Preen, which is a pesticide. Peppermint oil or neem oil which are often used as natural pesticides in the cannabis growing process. Pesticides are not necessarily a bad thing; Farmers use pesticides to grow corn and even water can be considered a pesticide.

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