Late Night Out in Spokane

Let’s face it, Spokane’s 10PM curfew can be a bit of a drag when you’re looking for something to do on the weekend. All bars stop serving drinks by 9:45PM and most restaurants are closed by 8. With limited business hours, you have to make the time count by going to the places that are worth it. Places that you will have the best time in. Don’t forget to practice social distancing and wear a mask everywhere you go!

Shark Attack Drink from Lion's Lair

Lion’s Lair is a popular bar located on the corner of Browne and Riverside, just a block down the street from The Onion. Not only do they serve fun drinks like the Shark Attack or their infamous rubber ducky drink (a rubber duck floating in a pool of vodka in a “cup” the shape of a bathtub) but they serve unique bar foods such as their peanut butter hamburger or their pepperoni grilled cheese sandwich.

Bar Top at Lion's Lair

Into the Lion’s Lair

Walking into Lion’s Lair, it has the energy of a young, hip dive bar that you’d see in a movie about the big city. Blue and purple lights, regulars that you can see almost every time you visit, a photobooth, a pool table, and more! There’s also an outdoor drinking area for when you’re ready for a smoke break or for some fresh air.

Rubber Tubby Drink From Lion's Lair

If you’re going to make your limited time count while partying in Spokane, Lion’s Lair is the place to be. Try out my favorite drink called the Fast Break which is a combination of gin and vodka, chased with an orange energy drink. There’s lots of seating, a friendly staff, and sometimes a live DJ. It’s a 5 minute drive from Cinder downtown so come check us out after you’re done!

And don’t forget to practice social distancing and wear a mask everywhere you go!

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