Halloween is creeping closer and closer and what better way to celebrate than with some good old-fashioned hauntings? You may not know this, but there are several notoriously haunted locations all around Spokane. So, grab your EMF detector and channel your inner Zak Baggins because it’s time to go ghost hunting!

The Thousand Steps at Greenwood Cemetery

the haunted thousand steps at greenwood cemetery spokane washington

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Starting the list with one of the most notably haunted locations in Spokane is the Thousand Steps staircase at Greenwood Cemetery. If you stroll down along the graveyard path you’ll find this dilapidated staircase tucked away behind the overgrowth and shrubbery. Just looking up at the ramshackle steps will send shivers down your spine. We strongly caution you against going up the steps, not only because the steps themselves are rather uneven and broken, but because spirits are said to prevent guests from reaching the top. (It’s also trespassing, the scariest of all.)

The Campbell House

Outside of the Campbell House Spokane Washington

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The Campbell House was built in 1898 by renowned Spokane architect Kirtland K. Cutter for the wealthy Campbell family. Amasa B. Campbell, the father of the Campbell family, became wealthy through his endeavors in the gem mining industry with his partner John A. Finch. The other residents of the Campbell house were his wife Grace and daughter Helen along with their coachman, cook, two maids, and gardener. These servants had their own dining room, as well as living quarters on the third floor or in the carriage house.

Bedroom of the Campbell house where ghost sightings have been reported

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Following the death of Grace Campbell, Helen turned the house over to the Eastern Washington State Historical Society in memory of her mother. Since then, this haunted house has had many supernatural encounters. Reported sightings include children playing in the bedrooms, unexplained noises, and even claims that the eyes on the portrait of Amasa Campbell seem to follow you. Even those who don’t encounter spirits report a general sense of uneasiness and dread when visiting the house.

The Historic Davenport Hotel

Davenport Hotel Outside

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Known for being the most luxurious hotel in downtown Spokane, the Historic Davenport Hotel is also one of the most haunted. From humble beginnings, the Davenport Hotel started as a waffle restaurant opened by Llewellyn Marks “Louis” Davenport in 1889. By 1914, the location bloomed into the original Davenport Hotel. Mr.Davenport loved his hotel so much that he lived in Suite 1103 all the way until his death in 1951.

Inside of the Davenport Hotel Spokane Washington

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Nowadays, several guests and plenty of employees working the night shift have reported seeing a ghost-like figure roaming the halls in a bathrobe and slippers. This is especially haunting once you learn that Mr.Davenport was known to habitually wake up at 3 a.m and walk around the hotel in his bathrobe and slippers to ensure that his guests were safe and comfortable. So, it seems like Mr.Davenport is still lovingly tending to his guests even after his passing.

Balcony of the Davenport where the ghost of a woman has been seen

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While the presence of Mr. Davenport’s spirit is more comforting than haunting, the same cannot be said about our next spirit. The main spirit that is believed to haunt the Davenport is that of Ellen McNamara, a rich New York widow who met her untimely demise after crashing through the skylight in 1920. Ellen didn’t die immediately on impact, but she ultimately succumbed to her injuries in the hotel. She is often spotted peering curiously over the balcony.


The Bing Crosby Theater

The outside of the Bing Crosby theater

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The Bing Crosby Theater, a well-renowned concert and event venue here in Spokane, has two long-standing ghosts that have been spotted by patrons throughout the years at the haunted theater. The first is a former stage manager. This stage manager was known for working tirelessly and dedicating himself fully to his position at the theater. Late one night, the unnamed stage manager took a break backstage and sat himself down on an ottoman for a breather. While sitting here, he suffered a heart attack and died on the ottoman. Those who venture backstage into the theater’s green room report seeing his apparition sitting quietly like he was the night he died.

Inside Bing Crosby Theater Spokane Washington

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Second, and perhaps more notoriously, is a female ghost known to pace the theater’s balcony. It’s rumored that the young woman was waiting for her lover to meet her at the theater so that they could run away together. When he didn’t show, the heartbroken lovebird flung herself off the balcony and did not survive the impact. Many reports state seeing her pacing along the balcony to this day, still waiting for her lost lover.

The Peyton Building

The Peyton Building Spokane Washington

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Last, but certainly not least, is the historic Peyton Building and Annex. The Peyton building was built in 1898 and arose from the ashes of the Great Eastern Building. Taking a look back in time, The Great Eastern Building was gutted by a fire that broke out in the middle of the night on January 24th, 1898. Unfortunately, this fire claimed the lives of eight people who lived on the upper floors of the Great Eastern Building. With only the exterior wall intact following the fire, the building was purchased by Colonel Isaac N. Peyton in 1898. The Peyton was built using the remaining walls of the Great Eastern. This could be one reason spirits are still tethered to the property to this day. Fun Fact: The Peyton building was built the same year & by the same architect as the Campbell House, Kirtland K. Cutter (Cutter & Malmgren).


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