Spooky stoners rise up as Halloween is almost here! With the spookiest time of year just around the corner, we found it only fitting to compile a list of our favorite Halloween strains. Keep reading to find out which spooky strain to load into your bowl as you prepare for the Halloween season!

Zombie OG

Zombies Smoking Weed Joints

Starting off our list of Halloween strains is Zombie OG. Zombie OG, also called Zombie Kush, is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid cross of OG Kush and Blackberry. Due to its heavy effects and potency, this strain is often mistaken for a pure indica. Smoking this strain tends to lead to an immediate onset of euphoria as a heavy head high sets in. As a result, you may begin to feel social, happy, and giggly.

After this, the heavy body effects will have you feeling like a zombie. As the body effects take a serious hold, you may begin to fall into a dreamy state of sleepiness. Due to these sedating effects, this strain is best suited for smoking at night or on a day off. In terms of flavor and smell, this strain totes a delicate earthy lavender pine aroma and the taste of sweet earthy floral pine.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train

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Coming up next on our list of Halloween strains is Ghost Train Haze. Ghost Train Haze is one of the most intense strains on the market today. In fact, it was named the “Most Potent Strain on Earth” by High Times magazine in 2012. This strain crosses Ghost OG with Neville’s Wreck, creating an incredibly potent strain with a THC average of around 27%. Ghost Train Haze is a heavily sativa-dominant hybrid, so this strain is an excellent choice for sativa lovers. Smoking this strain can easily send you into a giggle fit as well as stimulate your creativity. Additionally, this strain can lead to almost psychedelic effects, so be sure to pace yourself with this ultimately potent strain. In terms of the aroma, this strain smells like a sweet blend of sour, citrus, and pine that is very pungent.


Frankenstein's Monster Smoking Weed in The Bride of Frankenstein

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Next on our list of Halloween strains is Frankenstein. Frankenstein is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is famous for its potency with a THC average of around 18-22%. This strain’s genetics are closely guarded by its breeders, but it is thought to be a descendant of OG Kush and several other widely debated strains. Smoking this strain may make you feel like Frankenstein’s monster with its sedating yet active effects. Once you smoke Frankenstein, you may feel an uplifted euphoria that fades into a relaxed head high with substantial mind relief. As the high continues, you may start to feel lazy as a sense of spacey introspection sets in. In addition to these effects, Frankenstein has a surprisingly delicious aroma of pungent sweet mango and the taste of sweet citrus with a hint of pungent mango on the exhale.


Witch Smoking a Weed Joint

Moving along our list of Halloween strains we have B-Witched. B-Witched is a super rare sativa-dominant hybrid strain that crosses the equally rare Wizard’s Potion with Witches Weed. This strain smells like a rich bouquet of fresh fruits and woods, blending sweet berries and grapes with citrus and pine. The flavor is just as delightful, with a fresh grapefruit taste accented by fresh berries and slightly earthy grapes. In addition to its delicious flavor profile, this strain’s effects are sure to have you feeling like you’ve been put under a spell. Almost as soon as the deliciously smooth smoke leaves your tongue, you’ll start to feel a tingly build-up of euphoria that’ll leave you feeling happy and relaxed.

White Nightmare

Man in a Foggy Forest with a Large Entity in the Background - Visual Representation of a Nightmare

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Nearing the end of our list of Halloween strains we have White Nightmare. White Nightmare is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created through the cross of Blue Dream and White Moonshine. This strain is a flawless fusion of its parents in appearance as well as effects and flavors. White Nightmare totes the taste of sweet fruit berries with a potent hashy earthy aftertaste that lingers long after you finish toking. The aroma is much the same, with a hashy earthy smell that sweetens as the nugs are broken apart and burned.

As for the high, it starts with a stimulating high-powered stream of hazy euphoria that launches your mood with a happy giddy effect that may even lean psychedelic at times. As your mood soars, you may begin to succumb to a cloudy introspection that leaves you feeling spacey and distant. You may also experience a warming body buzz as your mind soars off.

Hell Raiser OG

Pinhead from Hell Raiser Passing You the Blunt

Finally, the last entry in our list of Halloween strains is Hell Raiser OG. Hell Raiser OG is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that is created by crossing Fire OG with Face Off OG. As a matter of fact, this celebrity child was the 1st Place Winner for Best Concentrate at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco because of its delicious flavor and insanely potent effects. Hell Raiser OG tastes slightly sour and citrusy with a woody pine accent. In addition to its delicious flavor, Hell Raiser is loved for its high-powered effects as well. The high hits fast and hard with insanely uplifted effects felt in the head with a sense of heavy motivation and laser-sharp focus. As a result, you’ll be left feeling blissfully happy as a relaxing body buzz slowly takes hold.

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