Happy Halloweed Cinder family! In honor of this spooky holiday, we’ve got a real treat in store for you…a Halloween Sale! We’ve lined up some huge savings for all of our locations. Plus, the savings don’t stop once Halloween is over. You still get a whopping 20% off at Cinder when you order online until November 22nd! So, keep reading to see what deals are in store at your nearest Cinder dispensary.

Spokane, Washington

Cinder Cannabis Dispensary Spokane Washington Halloween Sale

For our Washington customers, we’re offering 30% off almost everything in-store from October 27th to October 29th! That’s not all. We’re also giving you 31% off almost everything on 10/31 as a final Halloween treat! Whether you’re looking for flower, edibles, concentrate, or cartridges, we’ll have something on sale for you! Not sure what to buy? Here are some of our top picks from each category to help guide you when you come see us.

Flower Top Pick | Good Earth Cannabis

Good Earth Cannabis Weed Gary Payton Strain 3.5g

Good Earth Cannabis strives to produce the cleanest, purest cannabis on the market. Their ethos revolves around putting their customers and the environment before all else. They believe that it’s important to always operate with integrity and respect for the people who consume their products. So, if you’re looking for some flower to pick up during our Halloween sale, consider picking up some Good Earth!

Vape Top Pick | Lazy Bee Gardens

Lazy Bee Gardens Cannabis Weed Vape Cartridges

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Lazy Bee Gardens produces award-winning cannabis in Washington’s stunning Methow Valley. Their cartridges are not only affordable but offer the highest quality available as well. These cartridges contain Lazy Bee Gardens HTE (High Terpene Extract) live resin for a real full-spectrum experience. Not only that but this extract is housed in a heavy-metal-free cartridge and doesn’t contain any thinners or additives. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality cartridge that’s crafted with care, check out Lazy Bee Gardens cartridge options at Cinder!

Extract Top Pick | Constellation Cannabis

Constellation Cannabis Cold Cure Hash Rosin Weed Extract Concentrate Dab

Elevate your cannabis experience with Constellation Cannabis’ Cold Cure Hash Rosin. This extract is truly the pinnacle of purity and potency. Crafted through a meticulous extraction process, Constellation’s solventless concentrate is created by delicately separating the trichome heads from the plant material using ice and water. Filtered through fine mesh bags, every drop of hash rosin is a testament to their commitment to quality. So, if you’re looking to indulge in a truly authentic and clean cannabis experience that will leave you craving more, consider picking up some of Constellation’s hash rosin from Cinder!

Pre-roll Top Pick | Artizen

Artizen Cannabis Weed Pre-rolls

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Artizen takes great pride in their work, ensuring that their cultivation and packaging partners adhere to rigorous standards. Additionally, their time-tested genetics have consistently proven to yield flowers with superior taste, aroma, and structure. Large, lush, and robust mother plants enable them to harvest thousands of perfectly uniform clones. These identical siblings provide the consistency that is at the heart of the Artizen experience. On top of all of this, their genetic collection continually grows as they experiment with exciting new hybrids and crosses, adding further diversity to your Artizen experience. So, if you’re looking for a consistent, high-quality smoking experience, consider picking up an Artizen pre-roll from Cinder!

Edible Top Pick | Hot Sugar

Hot Sugar Fruit Chews Cannabis Weed Edibles

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Hot Sugar offers a variety of edibles for consumers of all varieties. For those who enjoy fruity candies, their fruit chews are the perfect option. These chews are bursting with undeniably juicy flavors like green apple, blue raspberry, and watermelon. For those who prefer to walk on the chocolate side, their chocolate bites are rich and decadent with a proprietary THC blend to bring it all home. No matter what flavor you’re looking for, Hot Sugar is bound to have something to please your taste buds. So, if you’re looking to pick up some edibles during our Halloween sale, consider picking up some edibles from Hot Sugar here at Cinder!

Topical Top Pick | Bath By Bex

Bath By Bex CBD Topicals

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Bath By Bex is a family-owned operation run by two cannabis professionals who have been working in the industry for nearly a decade. They have grown, processed, extracted, and even worked on the retail side of the cannabis industry. Today, Bath By Bex offers trustworthy CBD topicals like their roll-on muscle sticks, tattoo balm, and more! So, if you’re looking for some top-notch CBD topicals to pick up during our Halloween sale, consider picking up some Bath By Bex!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cinder Cannabis Dispensary Albuquerque ABQ New Mexico Halloween Sale

For our New Mexico customers, we’ve got a real treat in store for you! When you stop by Cinder you have the opportunity to win up to 50% off non-sale items! Just reach into our Trick or Treat bucket and pull out a card. When you draw a card, you can win anywhere from 15%-50% off at Cinder! That’s not all. If you pull a cauldron card from the Trick or Treat bucket not only will you get the discount listed on the card, but you’ll also earn 3x Bud Club points on your purchase! Additionally, coming to Cinder in costume will automatically win you 3x Budclub points on your purchase! Pull a cauldron card AND come in costume? Then you’ve just doubled your winnings and earned 6x Budclub Points on your purchase!

In addition to our Trick or Treat bucket of savings, we have several awesome products on sale. If you’re looking for flower, you can get a gram of Black Raven Flower for just $6.66! Looking for edibles instead? Well, when you buy one pack of Wyld edibles you can get another for just $1! In need of some pre-rolls? Then check out our 5-pack of 0.5g House joints for just $10! More of a cartridge lover? Then consider picking up an Envy cartridge for just $25! Additionally, we have a huge variety of accessories going for 25% off! So, be sure to stop by Cinder between October 27th and 31st for scary good deals!

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Washington Disclaimer:

Products listed are available at Cinder locations: Cinder North, 6010 N Division St, Spokane, Wa 99208; Cinder Downtown, 927 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA 99201; and Cinder Valley, 1421 N Mullen Rd B, Spokane Valley, Wa 99206

This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming. Which is to say, cannabis can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Therefore, do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. Furthermore, there may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. To sum up, keep out of the reach of children.