This Groundhog’s Day you may be feeling like Bill Murray because we’re putting Wax Wednesday on a loop! That’s right, from Wednesday 2/1 to Saturday 2/4 all concentrates at Cinder are going on sale. Live resin, cartridges, rosin, you name it, it’s on sale for 4 whole days. To celebrate this Groundhog’s Day sale, here are some concentrates we wouldn’t mind being stuck with on a loop.

#1: Microbar Flavored Disposable

Strawberry Microbar Flavored Distillate Disposable Cannabis Vape Cartridge

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Microbars have got to be my current favorite cannabis vape product on the market right now, hands down. Not even just out of all the disposable options. No other cartridge, disposable, or even battery holds a candle to these things in my eyes. While I’m not normally a fan of shilling out for a disposable, these have a wow factor that has me buying these things on a regular basis. 

Watermelon Microbar Flavored Distillate Disposable Cannabis Vape

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These little devices stand out from the disposable crowd with a design I’ve only ever seen in nicotine vapes, but never in a cannabis disposable. For those familiar with the different nicotine vapes on the market, these look very similar to an Elf Bar but with sharper edges. Each one is also color-coordinated with the flavor, which gives it a huge edge over other cannabis disposables that seem to either come in just black or white. For that reason, I love these as my “going out” vape because not only are they delicious and potent, but they make a super cute accessory!

Why it’s #1

Lychee Microbar Flavored Distillate Disposable Cannabis Vape Cartridge

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Now, I wouldn’t be raving about these things if the only thing that had going for them was the packaging. The flavor of these bad boys is out of this world. So far I’ve tried their Watermelon Mimosa, Pink Lychee, and Lemon Headz and I genuinely can’t pick a favorite. All of these flavors are crazy good! None of them seem to have any noticeable cannabis flavor which, while I don’t mind the taste of cannabis in a vape, is incredibly impressive. I’ve never had a flavored cannabis vape that tastes exactly like the flavor. I mean even the Pink Lychee, which is an incredibly obscure flavor, tastes just like lychee juice.

Orange Crush Microbar Flavored Distillate Cannabis Disposable Vape Cartridge

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Finally, we come to the most important factor. How potent are these things? Well, each of these tests at around 91% and I can tell you that those numbers aren’t exaggerated because boy do these hit! As someone with an incredibly high tolerance I normally just vape to supplement the high after I’ve already smoked something else, but I can get fairly ripped off of one of these things alone. Plus, these little disposables are a full 1000mg of THC as opposed to some half-gram disposables on the market. On top of the already banger price, these things just can’t be beaten!

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#2: Dreaming Tree Hash Rosin

Dreaming Trees Cannabis Solventless Hash Rosin Extract

Love solventless concentrates and saving money? Then you’ll love Dreaming Tree’s line of hash rosin. Coming in at just $40 a gram, these guys are actually the B-Brand of Skunk Processors. So, even though you’re saving a couple of bucks, you’re still getting high-quality gas that’ll knock you on your ass. This line was recommended to me by our Downtown budtender Blue who, if you’ve been helped by her you know, is the queen of solventless concentrates. The consistency is nice and smooth like a little glob of peanut butter. I smoked Merlin’s Potion and the flavor was incredibly smooth and fresh and delivered an incredible euphoric high. Despite being just $40, this hash rosin is one I’d reach for again and again on a Groundhog’s Day loop. If you try this one out, don’t forget to store your rosins in the fridge! This ensures they stay fresh and preserves that nice smooth consistency.

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#3: Dank Czar Diamond Caviar

Dank Czar Diamond Caviar Cannabis Extract Dab

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Dank Czar’s Diamond Caviar is a terpene-rich extract with large amounts of THCA known as diamonds. This concentrate starts with only the highest quality of fresh frozen flower. It’s then extracted using light hydrocarbons and Dank Czar’s own unique process. Diamond Caviar is an extremely potent and intensely flavorful concentrate that is sure to please any connoisseur. Need a strain to smoke on loop? I suggest Sunset Sherbet. This indica-dominant hybrid crosses Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties. The result is a strain that exhibits powerful, full-body effects that are elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy and a carefree state of mind. In addition, the dessert-like flavor exudes notes of sweet berries and candy with a skunky citrus finish.

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#4: Authentic Cannabis Dessert Flavored Wax

Authentic Cannabis Flavored Dab Cannabis Extract Apple Pie Flavor

For those of us who live on the sweeter side of life, there’s no better feeling than finding a truly delicious flavored dab. Luckily, thanks to Authentic Cannabis, you can enjoy that feeling for just $15 a pop. I tried their Apple Pie option and it surprised me as wasn’t expecting much from a $15 dab. I really only picked it because the packaging on their line of dessert-flavored dabs fascinated me. Once I took a hit, I was fairly impressed. This doesn’t have a flavor that punches you in the face, which I liked. I do not like super artificially flavored dabs, so the subtle Apple Pie flavor really appealed to me. So, if you’re looking for a smooth and mildly flavored dab for a killer price, you’ll definitely want to try one of Authentic Cannabis’ dessert-flavored dabs.

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Products listed are available at Cinder locations: Cinder North, 6010 N Division St, Spokane, Wa 99208; Cinder Downtown, 927 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA 99201; and Cinder Valley, 1421 N Mullen Rd B, Spokane Valley, Wa 99206

This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming. Which is to say, cannabis can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Therefore, do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. Furthermore, there may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. To sum up, keep out of the reach of children.