The leaves are turning orange and the air is cooling down which can only mean one thing. It’s almost Fall! With the changing season comes the opportunity to indulge in all kinds of spooky autumnal activities. As the unofficial start of the Halloween season kicks off, we’re here to show you all of the spooky fall activities in Spokane to partake in.

Explore the Halloween Store

Halloween Store Wig/Mask Display Wall

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Fall is synonymous with Halloween. In fact, many people (myself included) begin celebrating Halloween the moment the temperature drops. Luckily, here in Spokane, there is no shortage of Halloween stores to explore.

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween Storefront

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For many, that first Fall trip to Spirit Halloween is a ritual. That’s why our first pick for Fall activities in Spokane is visiting Spirit Halloween. Whether you’re shopping for a Halloween costume or spooky decor, there’s always a feeling of magic in the air when you walk into a Spirit Halloween. They have decorations and merchandise from your favorite franchises like Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Barbie, and more! This year, Spirit Halloween has set up shop in the old Petco on Division St.

Halloween Express

Inside Halloween Express Store

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Want to shop local? Then you’ll want to pop into Halloween Express this Fall. Locally owned and operated, Halloween Express is a one-stop-shop for all things Halloween related. They sell everything from props and decor to costumes and special effects make-up. Plus, their catalog includes merchandise from your favorite Halloween franchises like Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Friday the 13th, and more! This year, Halloween Express will be set up in the Old Macy’s Building at the Northtown Mall on Division St.

Petunia & Loomis

Dolls, deer head, and other oddities at Petunia and Loomis shop

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Unlike the other Halloween stores on this list, Petunia & Loomis is a true spectacle to behold. Instead of commercially licensed merchandise and props, Petunia & Loomis specializes in the truly peculiar. This local oddities shop allows you to dive deep into the dark side with their selection of taxidermy, wet specimens, and overall spooky wares. Not only are these specimens a sight to behold, but they are ethically sourced as well. Most of their taxidermy falls under the category of vintage, antique, or repurposed. In addition, they purchase pieces that fall within a certain age range and are usually inherited pieces. Their Wet Specimen items are 100% ethically sourced from natural passing. At Petunia & Loomis, they partner with local businesses that source their specimens from wildlife reserves, bird reserves, farms, and other ethical resources such as roadkill.

“Dracula” at the Spokane Civic Theatre

Dracula by Kate Hamill Stage Production

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No character is more famously associated with Halloween than Dracula. That’s why our next pick for Fall activities in Spokane is seeing Dracula at the Spokane Civic Theater. Get ready for a spin on the 1897 classic story of Dracula that totes itself as “a feminist revenge fantasy”. Kate Hamill boldly reimagines Bram Stoker’s tale of vampires and finds new monsters just beneath the skin. The gothic tropes of villains who wear evil on their sleeves and damsels in distress are replaced by all-too-human monsters and ferocious women who stab at the heart of the patriarchy itself. This show will be playing at The Spokane Civic Theater from October 7th to October 29th.

Halloween X-Spo

Halloween X-Spo Spokane Washington Banner

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Up next on our list of Fall activities in Spokane is checking out Halloween X-Spo. Halloween X-Spo is an all-ages Halloween-themed show that is owned and operated by the people who host Lilac City Comicon. There is no shortage to be had this Fall when you check out Halloween X-Spo.

Spooky-Themed Photo Booths

Ringlight Photobooth

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When you enter the Halloween X-Spo show floor you will be greeted by four different themed photo booths that are free to take pictures in. Each photo booth will be handcrafted by four local businesses: Petunia & Loomis, King Family Haunted House, Halloween Express, and Dream FX Productions. Freestanding Selife Light Rings will be available at each Photo Booth for you to put your phone in and take a picture.

Live Special FX Makeup Demos

Special Effects Makeup Being Applied

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At Halloween X-Spo, you can also visit Special FX guest artist Kate Dixson as she creates magic in front of your eyes. Kate will be conducting live makeup demos by turning a live model into something amazing! This process will be ongoing on both days of the show, so make sure to stop by each day to see what she’s up to!

Live Music

Dj Hands and Mixing Board

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When you enter Halloween X-Spo, you’ll hear beats provided by Elektro Grave Entertainment. The premier force for dark music and culture events in Spokane, Elektro Grave Entertainment has been filling dance floors and hosting events since 2013. They specialize in goth, industrial, EBM, synthpop, post-punk, darkwave, synthwave, and more.

Costume Contests

Adults in Halloween Costumes

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Obviously, Halloween X-Spo has to have a costume contest. There will be a contest for both adults and kids. The adult costume contest with be on Saturday 10/14 at a time that is TBA. This contest welcomes everyone, whether you come in a costume that’s store-bought or homemade.

Professional Tarot Card Readings

Close-up of a fortune teller reading tarot cards on a table with purple tablecloth

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At Halloween X-Spo, you can also join professional tarot card reader Doug aka Lovecraft Tarot who has almost a decade of practice under his belt. Doug will help you reach your highest potential, but there is a high chance that the message you receive may not be one you are ready to hear. Readings are first come, first serve and are free with a donation. Find tickets to Spokane’s Halloween X-Spo here.


Masked Man Standing in Front of Haunted House at Scarywood

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With the transition from Summer to Fall comes the transition from Silverwood to Scarywood. Scarywood is the Pacific Northwest’s premier haunted house destination with attractions like Blood Bayou, Chuckle’s 3D Sideshow, Pharoh’s Curse, and Planet Zombie: Lights Out. In addition, there are scare zones sprinkled throughout the park in-between haunted houses. At Scarywood, there is no shortage of scares, thrills, and fun for all the Halloween lovers out there. Once tickets go on sale, you can find them here.

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