Dewey Cannabis is a Washington-based cannabis producer/processor located in Pullman. At their farm, they use environmentally controlled greenhouse complexes. This provides them with cutting-edge facilities that ensure high-quality cannabis production while maintaining an environmentally conscious footprint. Dewey’s prime location in sunny Eastern Washington gives their LED light-powered greenhouses an extra boost of sunshine year round. At Dewey, they believe that harnessing the power of both the sun and energy-efficient indoor lighting allows them to grow to the highest quality while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

About The Dewey Cannabis Grow


People Holding Dewey Cannabis Sign Amongst Cannabis Flower Grow

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Above all, Dewey cares about taking care of the planet. At Dewey, they always seek to limit their impact on the environment. So, in order to lower their carbon footprint, they only grow flower in sun-assisted grow rooms. These grow rooms are equipped with energy-saving LED lighting. When the weather permits, they also grow flower outdoors in full sunlight. Additionally, their water tracking program ensures that their plants receive only what they need and that plenty is saved for the fish. Furthermore, they’ve even partnered with their local utility company to ensure that 100% of their electricity comes from renewable sources only.

Maintaining Quality and Consistency


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As can be seen, Dewey Cannabis is committed to providing premium buds that deliver beauty, potency, and aroma. With every harvest, they ensure that their flowers are growing in a pristine, controlled environment. What may surprise you is that small, controlled changes to the cultivation process drive flower formation, influence potency, and of course, drive those tasty terps. At Dewey, they carefully monitor and control the drying and curing of their flower. They do this because they know that everyone wants flower that’s sticky, trichome rich, and spongey to the touch. Without careful set points and monitoring of the drying process, hard-earned flower can quickly dry out and turn to dust in your hands without a terpene in sight.


Hand-trimming Cannabis Flower

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At Dewey, they also hand-trim their flower. They do this because they believe that hand trimming is the only way to maintain trichome integrity and the overall appearance of high-quality buds. Once they’ve dried and trimmed their flower, it is carefully cured in controlled conditions to ensure that each cultivar’s specific terpene profile truly shines.

Pest Management


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Pests are a part of the cultivation equation. No matter who you are or where you grow, pests will be present. Because of this, how you deal with pests is critical in producing high-quality cannabis flower. In partnership with Dewey Scientific, Dewey Cannabis has developed a safe and effective process that keeps pest pressure low while ensuring pesticide-free products for their customers.

Beneficial Insects


Beneficial Insect Larvae

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First, the team at Dewey scouts the plants for any signs of damaging pests. Once pests are detected, the team introduces beneficial insects to the grow. One example is the use of the parasitic wasp, which is used to fight aphid populations. The tiny wasp starts by searching for aphids in the grow room. Once it finds a population of aphids, the wasp will pierce the abdomen of the aphids and lay eggs inside of them. A couple of days later those eggs will hatch and the wasp larvae devour the aphid from the inside out. This keeps their plants pest-free for the most part.

OMRI-Listed Organic Certified Sprays

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At Dewey Cannabis, they also use certified organic sprays as a preventative measure against pest infestations. These products have been shown to be safe for human ingestion and are made up of plant-derived essential oils. These sprays are only applied during the vegetative phase of plant growth. As a result, the oils never make contact with the plant during the flowering cycle. Once Dewey has initiated the flower formation, they stop spraying all plant material to ensure that their cannabis is 100% pesticide free. This promise to their customers is backed by their pesticide test reports that come along with every batch of Dewey flower.

Identification and Removal


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From time to time, a pest slips through the cracks. Pest management strategies are not ironclad, and sometimes pests will win a battle or two. But, this is where their rigorous scouting pays off. In the rare event that a pest infestation has occurred, the Dewey solution is simple: remove the infected plants, chop them up, and throw them away. Consequently, it does cost them money. However, this allows them and their customers to rest knowing that moldy or pesticide-covered flower isn’t making its way into your bowl.

Post-Harvest Process

Lastly comes the most critical process of high-quality cannabis production. Even if your plants are healthy, robust with terpenes, and potent on the day of harvest, that can all disappear. That is to say that if your post-harvest process isn’t fine-tuned, all of your hard work flies out the window. That’s why at Dewey Cannabis, they’ve developed a highly-methodical post-harvest process.



Cannabis Plants Hung Out to Dry

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Throughout their drying process, data is captured and monitored to ensure that water isn’t rapidly lost. As a result, the cannabis flower remains sticky, trichome rich, and spongey to the touch. Without careful set points and monitoring, hard-earned flower can quickly dry out and lose its flavor and aroma.



Person Hand Trimming Cannabis

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All of the flower at Dewey Cannabis is hand-trimmed to ensure that every bit of material that is not up to their standards is removed. Thanks to the precision control of hand-trimming, they can ensure that precious bud sights are not damaged. They believe that hand-trimming is the only way to maintain trichome integrity and the overall appearance of high-quality buds.



Cannabis Curing in Jars

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Once the flower has been dried and trimmed to their quality standards, it is cured in controlled conditions. This is done to ensure that each cultivar’s specific terpene profile is allowed to shine. Dewey Cannabis flower is cured for at least two weeks before it is sent out to the market.



Cannabis in a Blackout Jar

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After the drying and curing process is complete, all of their flower is stored in blacked-out, airtight containers at 63°F. This ensures that additional moisture loss and associated product decay are minimized all while maximizing the amount of retained terpenes.


Thanks to their partnership with Dewey Scientific, all of their cultivars are bred in-house. The team at Dewey Cannabis seeks out unique traits to benefit the user experience. Their processes have helped them to create cultivars that are only available from Dewey Cannabis.


White Sky


White Sky Strain from Dewey Cannabis

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First on the list of indica strains from Dewey Cannabis is White Sky. White Sky is a cross of White Cap and Raindance. This strain is touted as one of their strongest indicas with trichomes that glitter like stars in the night sky. As a result, this potent indica strain is best saved for enjoying at home before bed. In terms of flavor and aroma, White Sky has floral notes accented by cheese and berries.

Purple Mango


Purple Mango Cannabis Strain from Dewey Cannabis

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Next on the list of indica strains from Dewey Cannabis is Purple Mango. Purple Mango is a cross of Purple Tahoe and Mango Sherbet. This strain is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day of work thanks to its gentle soothing effects. A couple of puffs of this tropical delight and you’ll feel like your relaxing on the warm sunny shores. In terms of flavor and aroma, this strain has a delightfully sweet and citrusy flavor with notes of berry.

Caribbean Chocolate


Caribbean Chocolate Strain from Dewey Cannabis

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Another indica strain from Dewey Cannabis is Caribbean Chocolate. Caribbean Chocolate is a three-way cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Passion Fruit Haze, and Jamaican Chocolate. This strain is a great strain for kicking up your feet without the fear of sleepiness taking over. In terms of taste, this strain totes a chocolatey flavor that will coat your mouth from the first puff that will have you feeling blissfully euphoric.

Island Cookies


Island Cookies Strain from Dewey Cannabis

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Last on this list of indica strains from Dewey Cannabis, we have Island Cookies. Island Cookies is a cross of Miami Haze and Tropic Cookies. The result is a strain with fiery red hairs and a funky garlic aroma. This strain has a unique terpene profile and dense bud structure making it utterly irresistible. In terms of flavor, this strain is garlicky and skunky with slight floral undertones.


Flora d’Explora


Flora d'Explora Strain from Dewey Cannabis

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First on this list of sativa strains from Dewey Cannabis is Flora d’Explora. Flora d’Explora crosses Mexican and Thaii Landrace with Afghani Landrace. This strain is loved by most for its true sativa effects. The effects of this strain are gradually energizing and uplifting, making it s great strain for enjoying before a hike or other adventure. In terms of flavor and aroma, this strain has a citrusy and cheesy profile with a gassy finish.

Happy Trails


Happy Trails Strain from Dewey Cannabis

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Next up on this list of sativa strains from Dewey Cannabis is Happy Trails. Happy Trails crosses White Cap and Dragon Lady. Fans of this cultivar often boast about its powerful and immediate high that will have you smiling and giggling the whole way through. Cracking open a jar of this strain unleashes its delightful citrusy aroma that totes notes of pine and skunk.

Space Fuel


Space Fuel Strain from Dewey Cannabis

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Another sativa strain from Dewey Cannabis is Space Fuel. Space Fuel is a cross of Purple Diesel and Tropic Island. This strain delivers a balanced flavor profile of both gas and citrus. As for the high, you may feel an immediate sense of engaging euphoria wash over you once you smoke Spce Fuel.


Creme Brulee


Creme Brulee Strain from Dewey Cannabis

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Starting off the list of hybrid strains from Dewey Cannabis is Creme Brulee. Creme Brulee is a cross of Slurricane and Jack’s Girl. This strain is touted as Dewey’s most balanced hybrid that’s perfect for a night in or kicking back with friends. With a burnt caramel flavor that hits your palette on the inhale, the exhale will leave a pleasantly sweet taste that will have you craving more.



Honeycomb Strain from Dewey Cannabis

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Finishing off this list of hybrid strains from Dewey Cannabis is Honeycomb. Honeycomb crosses Original Glue #4 with Dosidos. As a result, this strain has a high THC content and signature glue aroma mixed with notes of sweet floral honey. The high from this strain has a fairly immediate onset with a high that’s cerebral and cozy-feeling.


At Dewey, they understand that cannabis can be enjoyed in many different forms. Whether you prefer flower, pre-rolls, or live resin vapes, Dewey Cannabis has something for you.

Tree Tops


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Tree Tops are Dewey Cannabis’ premium buds of cannabis. Packed with terpenes, wrapped in frosty trichomes, and hand-trimmed to perfection. Their position at the top of the canopy during the cultivation process allows these buds to maximize the photosynthetic process. As a result, these buds are the cream of the crop.

Tiny Trees


Small Buds of Cannabis

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Tiny Trees are smaller nugs from Dewey Cannabis. Despite their small size, these Tiny Trees are just as packed with cannabinoids and terpenes as their Tree Tops. These buds are slow-cured and machine-trimmed and come in bulk sizes for stoners looking for high-quality cannabis that doesn’t break the bank.



Dewey Cannabis Pre-roll 2pk

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Dewbies are Dewey Cannabis’ line of pre-rolls that are made with full-flower and bursting with flavor. Each Dewbie is made with 0.5g of full flower that has been cured under the same slow and controlled curing process that their premium buds undergo. This ensures proper terpene and flavor retention that is noticeable in every puff.



Matchsticks Infused Pre-rolls from Dewey Cannabis

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Matchsticks are hand-crafted hash-infused joints from Dewey Cannabis. These pre-rolls are made from a potent blend 70/30 blend of ground flower and hand-made live bubble hash. As a result, these infused pre-rolls provide an ideal mix of premium quality and heavy-hitting effects. In addition, each pack comes with a little pack of matches so you can spark up wherever the mood strikes.

Live Resin Vape Cartridges


Hand Holding Up Dewey Cannabis Live Resin Vape Cartridge

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Last, but certainly not least, Dewey Cannabis’ Live Resin Cartridges are discreet, convenient, and delicious. These cartridges contain live resin that is extracted from frozen flower that is immediately frozen at harvest. As a result, Dewey live resin captures the true authenticity of each unique cannabis cultivar.

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