The air is cold and crisp, the ground is blanketed in fresh white snow, and the streets of Spokane are lined with bright festive lights. That can only mean one thing — Christmas is just around the corner! Here at Cinder Cannabis Dispensary, we believe there’s no better way to celebrate than snuggling up with a warm cup of cocoa and a fresh bowl of greens as you bingeall  the Christmas classics. That’s why it’s become a tradition for us to give you the low down on the best Christmas movie and weed strain pairings.


Movie | The Grinch

Starting off our list is a Christmas classic, the Grinch. In every iteration of the Grinch, the story follows a mean, green hermit living on the outskirts of Whoville with his little dog Max. The Grinch is known to the people of Whoville as a curmudgeon and an outcast who hates Christmas, which is an accurate assessment. In his hilltop cavern, the Grinch works up a scheme to ruin Christmas for the Who’s for his own personal amusement and gain. Along the way, the Grinch meets young Cindy Lou-Who, who is able to reinstall his Christmas joy.

Strain | Mean Misty

Mean Misty Cannabis Strain From Driftboat

For the meanest man in Whoville there’s no strain more fitting than Mean Misty. Mean Misty is a fruity hybrid with both mental and physical effects. This strain is a cross of Secret Recipe and Blue Dream, resulting in a strong berry aroma with earthy undertones. Smoking Mean Misty gives a rush to the head with mild relaxation throughout your body. 

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Movie | The Nightmare Before Christmas

Some may argue the next film is exclusively a Halloween movie, but I beg to differ. The Nightmare Before Christmas follows Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town. One fateful night alone in the woods, Jack stumbles upon a mysterious tree with a Christmas-shaped door that sucks him into the world of Christmas Town. Entranced by the whimsy of Christmas town, Jack attempts to spread jolly and Christmas joy across Halloween Town. The result is not the wonderful collision of cultures Jack envisioned, and chaos ensues shortly after. 

Strain | Bone Collector

Bone Collector Cannabis Strain from Phat Panda

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Paying homage to our skeletal protagonist, we’ve chosen bone collector as the strain pairing for this Christmas movie. Bone Collector, a Phat Panda exclusive, is an indica-hybrid that crosses M.A.C with Cow God. This relaxing strain is perfect for snuggling in with a warm cup of cocoa as you watch this whimsical Tim Burton classic.

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Movie | Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

This movie goes out to the 80’s and 90’s kids yearning for a little taste of nostalgia this holiday season. Set in New York City one year after main character Kevin McCallister was left home alone to defeat a pair of rag-tag burglars, Kevin once again finds himself home alone with the same burglars not far behind him. 

Strain | Big Apple

Big Apple Jelly Badder Cannabis Concentrate Dab from Painted Rooster

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 Named For the city Kevin finds himself stranded in, Big Apple is the best strain to pair with this Christmas movie. Big Apple is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the infamous Apple Fritter with Sherbet. The result is an ultimately delicious apple strain. Big Apple is simultaneously super sweet and sour, tasting like citrus with nutty notes and a ripe apple flavor. The aroma is just as flavorful with an extra punch of rich berries. When you smoke this strain, you’ll be lifted into a focused euphoria and slowly faded into a heavy couch lock. As a result, this is perfect for smoking before you watch Home Alone 2.

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Movie | The Polar Express

This entry is one that younger readers like myself probably grew up with, The Polar Express. This animated Christmas movie follows a young boy who begins  to lose his faith in the existence of Santa Claus. Late one Christmas Eve, the young boy awakes to  the sound and sight of a passenger train mysteriously stopping outside of his house. Outside he is greeted by the train’s conductor, who tells him they are heading to the North Pole. Surprised, the boy is hesitant to board the train, but decides to climb aboard, where he meets several other children on their way to the North Pole. The story follows the  children’s journey to meet Santa Claus while tackling themes of friendship, bravery, and the magic of Christmas.

Strain | The Pineapple Express


 We of course have to pair The Polar Express with the infamous Pineapple Express. This sativa dominant hybrid is the perfect movie pairing, it’s effects will keep you buzzy and alert, so you don’t miss out on any Christmas magic. Pineapple Express produces long-lasting, energetic effects you can feel right away. This strain is best enjoyed in the earlier half of the day with it’s  delicious flavors of bright citrus, pineapple, and earthy pine on the exhale.

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Movie | Tokyo Godfathers

For this entry, I’ve selected a personal favorite Christmas movie that many of you may not have heard of before, Tokyo Godfathers. This Japanese animated movie follows the story of a homeless teenage runaway named Miyuki, a motherly retired drag queen named Hana, and a middle-aged alcoholic named Gin. Their journey begins when the three hear the cries of a newborn late one night in the streets of Japan. They discover that someone has abandoned this baby in a trash bin.

Upon their discovery, the trio vows to return the displaced newborn to their parents. Along the way, we learn the tragic backstories of our three protagonists and how they ended up in the streets. This tragic yet uplifting animated movie is a great watch, if you’re looking for something deep and introspective while still managing to be funny and whimsical.

Strain | Tokyo Snow

Tokyo Snow Cannabis Strain from Sky High Gardens

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We recommend pairing this Japanese animated Christmas movie with the strain Tokyo Snow from Sky High Gardens. Tokyo Snow is a heady sativa-hybrid that provides a beach of wintery forest breeze. With cooling menthol on the exhale, this strain provides cool wintery vibes with spectacular flavor. You’ll taste delicate floral notes with a hint of pine and eucalyptus that’ll have you feeling like you just smoked a bowl of Christmas. This strain is great for pairing with Tokyo Godfathers, not only for its name but for its exceptionally crisp flavor and upbeat effects. Smoking this as you take in  scenes of snow-blanketed Tokyo will transport you  right into the movie. 

Movie | The Santa Claus

Lastly, this Christmas classic follows the story of toy salesman Scott Calvin as he prepares to spend Christmas Eve with his son Charlie. Scott’s ex-wife Laura and her husband believe that Charlie is at a point in his life where he needs to be told the harsh reality that Santa isn’t real. Despite not believing in Santa himself, Scott wants young Charlie to maintain his belief in Santa Claus. Following a night of unfortunate events, Scott awakens to a noise on the roof.

When going out to investigate, Scott startles a man in a Santa suit who then slips and falls off the roof. Mysteriously, the body of the man vanishes, leaving only his suit and a business card behind. The business card reads “If something should happen to me, put on my suit. The reindeer will know what to do.” It’s then that it becomes clear, Scott killed Santa Claus. At the request of his son, Scott puts on the suit and spends the rest of the night delivering gifts with Charlie before the reindeer take them both to the North Pole. It’s here that Scott learns he has assumed the role of Santa Claus and he must now learn all the duties associated  with being the boss of Christmas.

Strain | Fatso

K-Savage Supply Co. Cannabis Flower Strain Fatso

Image Source

Come one, you know why we picked this strain…no hate Santa. Fatso crosses GMO Cookies and Legend OG for a powerful strain, not for the faint of lungs. This funky, gassy indica is high in THC so get ready for a whopping punch from this one. You’ll be glued heavily to your couch, so make sure you get your movie running before smoking this heavy-hitter.


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