The holiday season can be a hectic time for many. All of the coordination and planning amongst family members can be quite a hassle, so we’ve tried to help make things a little easier by putting together some of the best things to do in Spokane during the holiday season. In this blog, we’ve compiled all of our articles discussing some of the best events happening around town this year for each holiday. Plus, we’ve included a bonus article detailing some cannabis products you might want to pick up for the holidays!

Products for the Holidays

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In this article, we’ve covered all of the best products to help you enjoy cannabis over the holidays! All stoners know the feeling of having to go out of smelling distance from their family in order to enjoy a quick toke. Thanks to this list, you can enjoy cannabis without having to break away from the family fun! Whether you decide to indulge in some edibles or drinkables, you can rest assured knowing you won’t reek of weed while you open your gifts from Grandma. There are even vape options for those who still want the sensation of smoking without the skunk smell.

Best Things To Do During Halloween in Spokane

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In this article, we dive into all the thrilling, chilling, and fun-filled things to do around Spokane during the Halloween season. Whether it’s getting dressed up for a night out on the pub strip or entering your local costume contest, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this Halloween in Spokane. Plus, you can look forward to annual events like Scarywood, The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Garland, The Ghost Ball, and more!

Best Things To Do During Thanksgiving in Spokane

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In this article, we’ve laid out some of the fun-filled activities taking place in and around Spokane during the Thanksgiving season. Whether you’re looking to give back during the season of giving or indulge in some delicious eats, we’ve got you covered. Plus, several events on this list are free to attend! So, if you’re looking for something to do with the family this Thanksgiving season, go ahead and give this article a look.

Best Things To Do During Christmas in Spokane

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In this article, we’ve covered all of the jolliest events taking place in Spokane this Christmas. From stage performances to light shows and more, there’s no shortage of holiday fun. See your favorite Christmas classics like How The Grinch Stole Christmas come to life on stage. Wander the snow-covered streets as you gaze upon wonderous light displays. No matter what you decide to do, there’s plenty of fun to be had this Christmas in Spokane.


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