Looking for fun ABQ summer events to check out? Look no further! Here, we’ve compiled a variety of events to check out this summer in Albuquerque.

Night Walk at the Botanic Garden

Albuquerque Botanic Garden at BioPark

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When: July 11th and August 1st from 6:30pm-8pm 

Where: ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden | 2601 Central NW, 87104

First up on our list of ABQ Summer Events are Night Walks at the Botanic Garden. Opened in 1996, the Botanic Garden now features 32 acres of exhibits and showcases plants from the American Southwest and around the world. In addition, the Botanic Gardens BUGarium is one of the most elaborate exhibits dedicated to bugs and arthropods in the country. The Travel Channel even cites the ABQ BioPark Botanic Gardens as one of the top 12 in the whole country!

On these night walks, you’ll be able to explore the garden under the enchanting light of the moon. So, bring your whole family, a date, or even come on your own and explore the wonders of nightfall as you walk on a guided tour through the garden in search of night-blooming plants, nocturnal animals, and night pollinators. If you miss these dates, you can always come to explore the BioPark and Botanic Garden during the daytime.

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Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque

Mariachi Spectacular in Albuquerque

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When: July 15th

Where: Sandia Resort and Casino Amphitheater.

Next up on our list of ABQ Summer Events is a musical experience you don’t want to miss, the Mariachi Spectacular. Mariachi Spectacular’s mission is to promote New Mexico’s vibrant artistic, cultural, and ethnic heart and soul. The schedule starts on July 12th with Music Workshops all day long. Afterward, on July 13th, La Pasion de Mariachi will be happening from 5:20 pm to 8 pm. Following this, the Showcase Competition takes place on July 14th from 6 pm-10 pm. The Showcase Competition provides an opportunity for musicians from around the country who have attended the 3-day Mariachi Spectacular Conference to perform for the people of Albuquerque. In addition, performers can compete for the opening slot in the Mariachi Spectacular Concert scheduled for the following evening at the Sandia Casino Amphitheater.

Finally, the celebration closes out on July 15th with the Mariachi Spectacular Concert from 7 pm-10:30 pm at the Sandia Resort and Casino Amphitheater. The Spectacular Concert lives up to its name by presenting world-renowned groups showcasing a variety of styles within the mariachi tradition. Performances are passionate, heart-rendering interpretations of classic mariachi songs. Get ready to experience mariachi music at its best.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Werq the World

RuPaul's Drag Race Werq the World Tour Rio Rancho

When: July 13th

Where: Rio Rancho Events Center | 3001 Civic Center Cir NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Up next on our list of ABQ Summer Events is the drag spectacular of the year. The Werq the World tour is an ongoing tour featuring some of the most iconic drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. This year’s lineup includes Asia O’Hara, Mistress Isabel Brooks, Laganja Estranja, Bosco, DeJa Skye, Lady Camden, and Rosé. Get ready for the largest drag show in the world going on this July 13th at the Rio Rancho Events Center starting at 8 pm.

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The Rodeo at Tamaya

Rodeo at Tamaya

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When: Thursdays from 6:30 pm-10 pm until Aug 17th

Where: The Stables at Tamaya | 300 Tuyuna Trail, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004

Hosted by the Stables of Tamaya, all proceeds from this rodeo are dedicated to Tamaya Horse Rehab. This non-profit organization is run primarily by volunteers who are in charge of the general upkeep and maintenance of the horses. Every day at 5 am, team members show up to begin the day. These incredible people feed the horses, scrub out and fill up water rubs, muck and clear the stalls, and clean the grounds. Once the stables have been tended to, the team dedicates time each day to touch and care for the horses, helping rehabilitate and reinforce human connection and relationship building. So, come on down to this family-friendly redo and help support the efforts of Tamaya Horse Rehab.

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Ghost Tours of Old Town

Old Town Albuquerque at Night

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When: Daily at 8 pm

Where: Romero Street NW (Space N120) Albuquerque, NM

Nearing the end of our list of ABQ Summer Events are the Ghost Tours of Old Town. This tour is New Mexico’s original, oldest, and most famous year-round walking ghost tour. Ghost Tours of Old Town specializes in informative, interesting, and entertaining outdoor strolling tours. They share a wide variety of trivia, historical information and photographs, fun facts, colorful legends, and incredible stories of the heart of Duke City. They provide memorable, thought-provoking, family-friendly experiences. In addition to all the fun, there are photo opportunities galore. So, take a walk alongside the dead on this haunting tour of Old Town.

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Corrales Growers’ Market

Corrales' Grower's Market

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When: Wednesdays from 9 am-12 pm until October 18th

Sundays from 9 am-12 pm until November 4th

Where:  500 Jones Rd Corrales, NM

Last on this list of ABQ Summer Events is the Corrales Growers’ Market. This market operates to support the traditional agricultural economics of the Village of Corrales and to provide community access to sustainable resources of locally grown food. In addition to this, they support the preservation of farmland, the sustainability of family farms, and local agricultural production by providing agricultural producers with a marketing facility for the sale of their products directly to consumers.

Please consume responsibly. For use only by adults 21 and older; Keep out of reach of children; Additionally, this product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Further, the FDA has not evaluated this product for safety, effectiveness, and quality; Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery while under the influence of cannabis; In addition, there may be long-term adverse health effects from consumption of cannabis, including additional risks for women who are or may become pregnant or are breastfeeding.