Nothing pairs better with a 420 high than some stunning visuals and stories to lose yourself in. That’s why this 420, we have a list of some of the most visually stunning and surreal films to put on during your stoner bash.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once Movie Poster

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We of course have to start off this list with the recent Academy Award Winning film on everyone’s minds, Everything Everywhere All At Once. This absurdist comedy-drama film is part of the ever-growing collection by A24 films. A24 is an eclectic film distributor whose collection features other bizarre and visually stunning films like Midsommar and Moonlight.

In this film, we follow Evelyn Wang, a Chinese-American immigrant who runs a laundry mat with her husband Waymond. From the beginning, we clearly see that Evelyn’s life is slowly falling apart. Her husband Waymond has filed for divorce but is unable to tell her as Evelyn brushes him off every time he tries to talk to her. The overwhelming stress of an IRS audit, trying to plan a Chinese New Year party, and coming to terms with her daughter’s inter-racial queer relationship has Evelyn trapped in her own mind.

Everything Everywhere All At Once Hotdog Finger Scene

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Her reality is quickly shattered when, after a tense meeting with an IRS inspector, Waymond’s body is taken over by Alpha-Waymond. This version of Waymond is from the “Alphaverse” and explains to Evelyn that his wife, Alpha-Evelyn, discovered the existence of the multiverse. He goes on to explain that an alternate version of her daughter Joy, named Jobu Tupaki, is currently threatening the existence of the entire multiverse. As a result, Alpha-Waymond has come to Evelyn to teach her how to “verse-jump” between these alternate realities. Evelyn then embarks on her journey to stop Jobu Tupaki from threatening the existence of every one of these universes. This is a film that will have you in awe at its stunning visuals and bawling your bloodshot eyes out by the end.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Adventrues of Baron Munchausen Film Poster

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Up next, from the mind of Terry Gilliam is The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. If that name rings a bell, that’s because he was a former member of the beloved comedy troupe Monty Python. His humor and absurdist directing style are what make his films so delightful to watch while high. You’ll bust a gut laughing while experiencing visuals you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams.

In this film, we follow 18th-century German nobleman Baron Munchausen and his wartime exploits against the Ottoman Empire. The film beings in an unnamed war-torn European city in the “Age of Reason”. Amid explosions and gunfire from a large Ottoman army outside the city gates, a fanciful touring stage production is putting on a performance of Baron Munchausen’s life and adventures. Not far into the performance, an old man who says he is the real Baron interrupts the show. He claims this performance is entirely inaccurate and begins the narrate flashbacks of his adventures.

Robin Williams as King of the Moon in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

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His tale is interrupted by gunfire and he wanders backstage. From here, the elderly baron narrowly escapes the Angel of Death and sets out on a journey to save the city. On his journey he encounters a cast of whimsical characters from the King of the Moon (Robin Williams) to the Roman God Vulcan (Oliver Reed). This film’s extravagant costume design, makeup artistry, and production design all won this film three awards in the British Academy Film Awards. So, this film is truly a sight for stoned eyes.  

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Movie Poster

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Coming at you with an animated feature, we have Heavy Metal. This 1981 Canadian adult animated science-fantasy anthology was based on the Heavy Metal magazine. This magazine, like the film, was known primarily for its blend of dark fantasy/science fiction, erotica, and steampunk comics.

This film is an anthology of various science fiction and fantasy stories. These stories are all tied together by a single theme of an evil force represented by a green orb called “Loc-Nar”. Heavy Metal features a great deal of graphic violence, sexuality, and nudity. This imagery is all set to classic heavy metal tracks from bands like Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Sammy Hagar, and more.

Scene from the Film Heavy Metal

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The film features a total of 10 separate segments; Soft Landing, Grimaldi, Harry Canyon, Den, Captain Sternn, Neverwhere Land, B-17, So Beautiful & So Dangerous, Taarna, and Epilogue. To describe the plot would be moot, as this film doesn’t follow a singular storyline. Plus, we don’t want to spoil the magic waiting for you in this film. If you like the idea of getting high and jamming out to heavy metal classics while cartoon depictions of sex, violence, and science fiction flash across your screen, put on Heavy Metal this 420.

Fantastic Planet

Finishing the list off strong is Fantastic Planet. This independent French experimental adult animated science fiction art film came out back in 1973. In 2016, it was ranked as the 36th greatest animated movie ever by Rolling Stone.

This film takes place in the distant future on the planet Ygam. Here, large blue humanoids called Traags have brought human beings, who they call Oms, to their planet from Earth. On Ygam, they are much more technologically and spiritually advanced. As such, Traags see Oms as animals, keeping them as pets or slaughtering them in the wild to control their population. 

Scene from the film Fantastic Planet

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In this story, we follow the life of Terr. Terr is a human whose mother was tortured to death by three Traag children when he was an infant. Terr was soon found by a lead Traag leader and taken to his daughter to keep as a pet. He grows up alongside the young Traag girl and follows her around everywhere she goes. We won’t spoil the movie too much, as this film is truly a historical piece of animation that is something you’ll want to experience for yourself this 420.

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