1861 Market founded themselves in 2020 right in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since then, they’ve taken the lead in the retail cannabis industry with speed, convenience, and value. They offer ethically sourced THC and CBD products that are mood-specific to simplify consumer experiences. Not only do they care about their product, they also care for their workers, their community, and the environment, and support safe, responsible consumption. Furthermore, 1861 Market is dedicated to crafting positive cannabis experiences backed by ethically sourced products. On top of it all, they deliver all of this with convenience and value.

Their Story

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Cannabis can be confusing and intimidating for new consumers. After all, wacky strain names, different methods of consumption, dosing, and a “one-joint-fits-all” solution can all be a bit overwhelming. That is why 1861 Market founded themselves on the principles of changing cannabis for the better and making the experience more positive for everyone.

Find your mood with 1861 Market

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Their products come from New Mexico’s freshest sun-grown flower. As a matter of fact, they choose their flower based on genetics, scientifically backed clinical research, and source it all ethically. Furthermore, they categorize their products by the mood they aim to help you achieve. So, you don’t need to look up which strain will best suit your need beforehand. 1861 Market will guide you to your right mood the right way. Their values inside the market inspire their values outside the market. They believe in promoting strong New Mexico communities by providing well-paid jobs and educational opportunities in all of their retail and cultivation operations.


1861 Market Mood Wall

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There is one aspect of 1861 Market that sets them apart from the rest: Mood-based marketing. Their products eliminate the guesswork as to how your weed is going to make you feel. That’s because you shop for what mood you’re looking to feel. No more strain-guessing games. At this time, they have 5 mood offerings: Uplift, create, relax, PM, and restore. 


1861 Market Uplift Flower

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1861 Market’s Uplift options consist of sativa-like strains that provide a feeling of invigoration to help you feel social, active, and upbeat.

1861 Market Cannabis Concentrate

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1861 Market’s Create options consist of hybrid strains that tend to lean more towards the sativa end of the spectrum. As a result, these strains aim to provide an extra spark of ingenuity and help you feel creative, thought-provoking, and entertaining.

1861 Market Cannabis Pre-roll

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1861 Market’s Relax options consist of hybrid strains that tend to lean more toward the indica end of the spectrum. As a result, these strains aim to help you feel mellow, calm, and able to just lay low.

1861 Market PM Cannabis Gummies

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1861 Market’s PM options consist of indica-like strains that aim to help you feel heavy, dense, and deep.

Craft 1861 Restore Cannabis Infused Balms

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1861 Market’s Restore options consist of zero THC options that make use of other non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD. These products are described by them as therapeutic, restorative, and healing.



Cannabis Flower

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Taste the sun-grown terpene brilliance of New Mexico’s finest farm-fresh, no-additive whole flower. Generational farmers cultivate and curate 1861 Market’s cannabis for maximum satisfaction. They choose only the finest selection of blooms from each harvest. Plus, all of their products are chemcial-free because they use fully organic Integrated Pest Management.


Cannabis Pre-rolls

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1861 Gold pre-rolls are made from New Mexico’s finest sun-grown, farm-fresh whole flower for a terpene-rich flavorful taste with every inhale. These joints are precision rolled in chemical-free, lightweight premium paper. 1861 Market’s Gold pre-rolls burn cleanly and never compromise the quality of the flower. These pre-rolls are the superior choice for a full-bodied cannabis experience.


Cannabis Concentrate

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Frozen at the peak of freshness, 1861 Gold Concentrates are the absolute purest from New Mexico’s finest sun-grown whole flower. Encapsulated from the best part of the flower, they use the latest extraction technologies to remove impurities and keep all of the original cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids intact. This yields the greatest, most potent impact upon consumption. Add a small amount to your roll, vape, or whatever delivery method best suits your needs, and discover why their concentrates offer the purest expression of the flower and all of its benefits.


Cannabis Edibles

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1861 Gold Gummies are a simple and fruitful way to enjoy a tasty dose of single-origin, full-spectrum, whole-flower cannabis whenever the mood strikes. These gummies are made with natural fruit juice and all-natural ingredients. As a result, 1861 Market’s Gold gummies are fresh and tasty as opposed to sticky sugar candy. Plus, with Precise dosing in every bite-sized morsel, you can experience cannabis sweetly and with the utmost discretion.


Cannabis Vape

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Lastly, 1861 Gold Full Spectrum Vapes is one of their smoothest ways to enjoy functional cannabis. Harsh tar and carcinogens caused by flower combustion are left behind with their curated live resins. Plus, these vapes are made from top-quality certified hardware designed for comfortable, unrestricted consumption. A convenient carry for your pocket or bag, their premium vapes are a modern, elite way to consume cannabis with minimal smoke and odor for a life on the go.

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Please consume responsibly. For use only by adults 21 and older; Keep out of reach of children; Additionally, this product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Further, the FDA has not evaluated this product for safety, effectiveness, and quality; Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery while under the influence of cannabis; In addition, there may be long term adverse health effects from consumption of cannabis, including additional risks for women who are or may become pregnant or are breastfeeding.