With 420 sneaking up on us, we know a lot of you stoners out there are stockpiling for the big day. Whether you plan on taking dabs, smoking flower, or knocking back some edibles, we want to make sure you do so responsibly. While cannabis doesn’t pose the threat of a deadly overdose, you can still smoke too much and end up not having a fun time if you’re too high. So, if you find that you’ve gone a little overboard this 420, just come back to this blog and follow some of these tips and tricks.

Prevent It 

Smoke Low THC, High CBD Strains


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Obviously, the first course of action is to prevent yourself from getting too high in the first place. Now, before you immediately roll your eyes, we aren’t saying smoke less weed; We’re saying smoke less potent weed. If you find yourself always reaching for the highest THC strain on the shelf, opt for something with a lower THC content. In addition to a low THC content, look for strains with higher concentrations of other cannabinoids like CBD or CBN. These cannabinoids work in beautiful tandem with each other and create something known as “the entourage effect”. This refers to the positive effect that comes from smoking weed that has high concentrations of cannabinoids other than just THC. For example, higher CBD strains may help mitigate the unpleasant effects you may normally experience when smoking a lot of THC. This is because CBD doesn’t get you high and promotes feelings of ease and relaxation.

Need some recommendations? Here are some high CBD options for you to smoke this 420.

Flower | Cosmic Charlie from Raven Grass

Ravengrass Cosmic Charlie Cannabis Strain

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Starting with a personal favorite of mine, we have Cosmic Charlie. This beautiful 2:1 CBD:THC flower is a Raven-exclusive cultivar. They describe this strain’s high as “A state of released expectations: Flowing connection through conversation, creative expressions, getting lost in sensory pleasures. Gently pulsing with a hum of presence and potential but never jittery or nervous.” Personally, I couldn’t have put it better myself. This strain provides the perfect amount of relaxation that allows you to slip into a comfortable headspace without getting too high. For me, this strain alleviates any social anxiety I might be feeling and helps me feel creative and open, making it great to smoke at a 420 party.

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Cartridge | Spoil’d 20:1

Spoil'd CBD Cannabis Distillate Vape Cartridge

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Another great option to keep you from getting too high is 20:1 CBD cartridges from Spoil’d! These strain-specific cartridges contain an incredibly small amount of THC per cartridge (less than 10%). In terms of CBD content, these have one of the highest CBD concentrations on the market for a vape. As a result, these are a great choice for those looking to puff all day long without wanting to get stoned off their gourd. Instead, the high from these cartridges builds slowly with each puff. In addition, the high is incredibly relaxing as this cartridge delivers 20 times more CBD than THC per draw. So, if you’re looking for a vape that provides an ultimately relaxing high that isn’t incredibly potent, you’ve got to check out Spoil’d 20:1 cartridges!

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Pace Yourself

Hands Holding a Cannabis Joint and a Lighter

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In addition to smoking less potent strains, try to keep yourself in check. We know that you want to go hard on 420 and smoke as much as humanly possible, but try to do so at a reasonable pace. Smoke as much as you would on a normal day, then let yourself sit and enjoy the high. By giving yourself at least 20 minutes between smoke sessions, you’ll be able to do a personal assessment of how you’re feeling and keep yourself from getting too high. If 20 minutes have gone by and you feel ready to smoke again, feel free to treat yourself to another bowl.

Stay Hydrated

Man Drinking a Bottle of Water

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Water is your best friend this 420. Not only will it keep cotton-mouth at bay, but it’ll help keep you calm and cool, literally. Smoking weed causes a slight increase in body temperature, which can contribute to feelings of anxiety. Smoking weed also, obviously, makes you quite dehydrated. Dehydration, though par for the course when smoking weed, is not to be taken lightly. Being overly dehydrated can lead to nausea, headaches, and anxiety. So, water is a key element to staying happy and healthy this 420.

How to Combat Post-Smoke Anxiety


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So, you weren’t able to prevent it. That’s okay! We have plenty of tips and tricks to help you return to normalcy after smoking too much weed this 420.

Take Care of Your Basic Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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If you’re feeling anxious after getting too high during your 420 smoke sesh, try to address your basic needs. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy, the first thing you need to address is your physiological needs. This means breathing, food, water, shelter, and sleep. So, let’s go through how you can tend to each of your base needs.


Box Breathing Technique

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One deep-breathing technique to try when experiencing post-smoke anxiety is box breathing. To do this, inhale for four counts, hold your breath for four counts, exhale for four counts, then hold for four counts. Repeat this 4-step breathing technique until you begin feeling calmer. The benefits of this breathing technique are that it brings balance to your mind and body by regulating your natural rhythm.

4 7 8 Breathing Technique Diagram

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Another breathing technique you can try is 4-7-8 breathing, or triangle breathing. To do this, inhale for 4 counts, hold for 7 counts, and exhale for 8 counts. Repeat these 3 steps until you begin feeling calmer. This breathing exercise helps your mind slow down, which in turn helps alleviate feelings of anxiety.

Stay Well-Fed and Hydrated

Drinking Water While Eating

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If you’re still feeling anxious after deep-breathing, try to scope out some nearby food and drinks. Your body may be telling you that you don’t have enough food or water in your system. Try to go for more nutritious snacks if you can so that you’re actually giving your body fuel, but if chips are all that are nearby that’s okay too. But, staying hydrated is more important than snacks. Be sure to keep a bottle of water on you so you can keep yourself hydrated and try to cool down. As we mentioned previously, smoking weed raises your body temperature, which can lead to feelings of anxiety. So, if you learn anything from this article, it’s that you need to stay hydrated!

Find a Safe Place to Decompress

Man Sitting on Toilet Looking at Phone

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Anxiety often entails feelings of fear and panic. So, wherever you find yourself this 420, try to scope out a spot where you can sit and feel safe. If you’re celebrating at home, try slipping into bed, wrapping yourself in some warm covers, and maybe even turning on your favorite show to distract you. If you’re celebrating out in public, try to find a nearby restroom and sit on the toilet while you take deep breaths. Try to take some water in with you so you can rehydrate while you decompress. If the bathroom is too crowded or unavailable, step outside where there aren’t too many people. Be sure not to stray too far from the party, as wandering off by yourself while high and anxious is not a great idea.

Nap it Off

Person Sleeping in Bed

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If all else fails, try to nap it off. If you’re celebrating out in public this may not be an option for you, but if you’ve reached this point in the process you may want to consider calling an Uber or having a friend drive you home. After all, there’s no point in staying at a party if you aren’t enjoying yourself.

So, take this advice, put it in your back pocket, and go have a happy 420!

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This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming. Which is to say, cannabis can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Therefore, do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. Furthermore, there may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. To sum up, keep out of the reach of children.