Blue Roots

Strain: Blue Glue #5 Terpene Sauce Concentrate

Team: Hybrid 50/50

Lineage: (From the Blue Roots website) Blueberry x Gorilla Glue

THC: 72.45%

Terpenes listed:

Caryophyllene: 5.26%

Limonene: 1.18%

Humulene: 1.34%

Linalool: 0.51%

Total terpene:9.20%


A nice golden carmelized terpene sauce. Easy to scoop up it didn’t drip down the tool or anything.

Smell: 10/10

I just love Gorilla Glue strains in general. It always packs that punch to the noise.

The concentrate had a soft pine scent that escaped as I popped the lid open, followed by a pleasant diesel, earthy aroma.

Taste: 10/10

That signature earthy, skunky flavor.

After a few rips, I definitely could note the Caryophyllene, little spice that sits on the back of your throat, followed by a strong diesel that sat quite nicely on the palette. The exhale had a mild citrusy/berry undertone punch.

Effects: 10/10

Gorilla Glue is a personal favorite of mine because it always does me just right. Stimulating my mood and curbing my anxiety.

This gram of concentrate was nothing less than what I expected from start to finish. Blue Root’s Blue Glue is pleasant to dab at any time of the day.

I could take a few dabs and go along with my normal activities. I also love this strain because I could take a few dabs after a busy day and feel the relief I was looking to find.

Very uplifting high, immediately taking hold of head and body. Elevated mood and made me feel happy and euphoric.

As the high set in, my body felt completely relaxed, my eyes felt just the right kind of heavy, and I felt that sensation of being “glued” to the couch.


10/10 for sure!

Budtender Review

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