In anticipation of HBO’s acclaimed Game of Thrones, Cinder is pairing some of the great House’s of Westeros with the great cannabis strains of the northwest.

House Lannister


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Hear Me Roar!

The Lannisters are the central noble clan of the Westerlands, the western region of Westeros. Known for their golden colored hair, blue eyes and tall figures (with some exceptions), the Lannister’s sigil is a gold lion, cast against a field of crimson. And while their official family motto is  “Hear Me Roar!” any commoner can tell you, “A Lannister always pays his debts.” As descendants of Lann the Clever, the Lannisters are not only famous for their shrewd skills in business and on the battlefield, but they have also developed a reputation for having extremely close siblings.

Harmony Farm’s 24k Gold

24k Gold is the opulent cross of Kosher Kush and Tangie. And by breeding Kosher Kush, a heavy indica strain originating from California, the Westerland’s of the United States, with Tangie, a champion among sativa strains, 24K Gold is a balanced hybrid worthy of Casterly Rock. Known to grow as a tall as a Lannister in its vegetative cycle, 24K Gold has a strong citrus smell and taste, along with dark colorations, derived from its Kosher Kush linage.

Lannister24KGoldHarmonyCinderSpokane1 Gram for $10.00

Harmony24KGoldCinderSpokaneGameofThrones3.5 Grams for $30.00

 Article by Seth Pickens

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