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8 AM – 11 PM


Cinder is the largest Spokane, Washington cannabis retailer proudly serving customers in Eastern Washington with three locations conveniently located in Spokane Valley, Downtown Spokane, and North Spokane. Specializing in quality cannabis and marijuana accessories, we strive to provide the best products available to the Spokane marijuana market. Cinder welcomes cannabis connoisseurs from Spokane and beyond to our marijuana dispensaries located in North Spokane, Downtown Spokane, and Spokane Valley. Cinder offers top-of-the-line customer service and a rotation of marijuana flower, cannabis concentrates, edibles, drinkables, vape cartridges, and cannabis topicals with both THC and CBD varieties. Serving as the premier recreational cannabis stores in Eastern Washington, Cinder provides detailed product guidance and knowledge coupled with a highly individualized experience sure to have our customers departing with a smile!



My go-to, hometown Cannabis Dispensary. Every visit, I’m greeted with a smile and a most helpful “hello, how may I help you”!



Really like this location. It’s on my way home (I cut through downtown) and nice parking lot. Their rewards program is an actual reward and it’s good deals.


Leafly Review

Easy to find what you want. The selection is awesome and the prices are incredible. They have a different deal daily. The staff is knowledgable and happy.


Leafly Review

I’ve always been a fan of Cinder, all locations…but the addition of online ordering is the best! My order was ready approximately 15 minutes after I placed it, and I was able to skip the line that was about 10 people deep to pick it up! Great experience, I will be utilizing the online ordering process for sure!


Leafly Review

Best of Spokane | Our Favorite Local Businesses in 2022

Every year, The Inlander releases their Best Of list. This list details the best food, recreation, shopping, and other various categories for the year. In 2022, we want to show love to some of our local favorites. Keep reading to see who we recommend voting for in...

Cedar Creek Cannabis – Who They Are and What They’re About

Cedar Creek Cannabis Tier: 2 Location: Vancouver, WA  Product offerings: Flower, Pre-rolls, Infused Pre-rolls, Shake & Bake, BB Buds, Vape Cartridges, Full Spectrum Oil Syringes, CO2 Dab Oil About the Farm Image Source Cedar Creek Cannabis understands the...

Avitas – Who They Are and What They’re About

Avitas Tier: 3 Location: Seattle, WA Product offerings: Flower, Pre-Rolls, Specialty Pods, & Cartridges About the Farm “Avitas is on a mission to make the world a better, happier place.” They founded themselves on the principle that high-quality cannabis should be...

Movie Night: Wes Anderson – The Best Strain Pairings

Wes Anderson movies are a favorite for many who enjoy his distinct visual style. Many praise Anderson for the unique color palettes and insane intention detail he puts into his movies. Consequently, they are the favorite of many stoners and film junkies alike. The...

Buddy Boy Farm – Who They Are and What They’re About

Buddy Boy Farm Tier: 2 Location: Ford, WA Products offerings: Flower & Pre-Rolls About the Farm Buddy Boy Farm is no newbie in the cannabis game. The amazing people at this well-loved farm have been farming for over 40 years! The owner, Steve Walser, says “We...

Workout With Weed – The Best Strains for Your Routine

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels With a new year comes new resolutions. For many, working out is at the very top of that New Year’s resolution list. We all want to get into better shape in the new year. But, how many of us actually stick to that goal? As we all...

Scary Movies and Halloween Cannabis Strains

Scary Movie season is here once again. Whether you're looking to get just a slight fright or sleep with the lights on, we've got the strains and scary movie recommendations to make your month of macabre a highlight of the year. Not so Scary Movies Best paired with:...

Trainwreck from Blue Roots in the Selkirk Mountains

Trainwreck from Blue Roots in the Selkirk Mountains When it's October in the Selkirks the Trout grow to the size of your neighbors pekingese. Up a mountain path that will set your lungs on fire if your legs don't collapse halfway up the Mountain. A journey was set...

Fantasy Football Fall Kick Off

Fantasy Football Fall Kick off   Now, if you've never played fantasy football, let me tell you, it's stressful and oh so much fun! Everybody loves fall. The crisp cool air and leaves turn bright shades of yellow and red, pumpkin spice, and spooky season. My...

Cinder’s Favorite Spokane Washington Locally Owned Restaurants

Eat local in Spokane Washington with some of Cinder’s favorite locally-owned restaurants.

Restaurant Shoutout: Lion’s Lair

Lion’s Lair 205 W Riverside Ave Spokane, WA 99201 Late Night Out in Spokane Let’s face it, Spokane’s 10PM curfew can be a bit of a drag when you’re looking for something to do on the weekend. All bars stop serving drinks by 9:45PM and most restaurants are closed by 8....

Restaurant Shoutout: The Gilded Unicorn

The Gilded Unicorn 110 South N Monroe St Spokane, WA 99201 Late Night Eats in Spokane September has hit and fall season is upon us. It seems like living under loose quarantine rules and early closing times is the new norm since Spokane has been under lockdown for...

Register to vote with Saints Joints

Election day for 2020 is getting closer and the deadline to register to vote is near. Now more than ever, everyone’s vote matters, and no matter where you stand on the political spectrum, it’s important to take a stand for what you believe in by submitting your...

Safe ways to get out of the house during COVID-19

Feeling cooped up in the house? There are still ways to safely get outside during this pandemic. Check out our suggestions of places to visit during quarantine this summer! Just don't forget to bring you masks and to follow social distancing rules no matter where you...

Beat The Heat With Cannabis Infused Drinks

It’s gearing up to be a hot week in July with temperatures reaching 103 degrees on Thursday (7/30). What better way to beat the heat than by cooling off with a nice, cold beverage.  All Cinder locations have a variety of beverages to choose from including lemonades,...

Welcoming Hygge to Cinder

New farm alert! Today we are introducing top shelf Hygge (pronounced Hue-guh) to all Cinder locations! Hygge is a top shelf, tier 1 indoor producer located in Springdale, WA that was started by Paige Berger and Brandon Park, both of who have a long history working...

Water Holes in and Around Spokane

It’s looking like it’s going to be a hot summer with temperatures averaging between 80-95 degrees in recent weeks in Spokane, WA. While there isn’t much to do in terms of organized activity due to the quarantine, there are still ways that you can go out and enjoy the...

Candied Grapes on the River

Summertime is here and that means camping trips, lazing on the river, and drives with the sun roof down. However, to get the real summertime vibes, you’re going to need to pair all of these activities with the perfect smoke. What’s better than hanging out on the river...

Cinder Pride

At Cinder, we love all of our patrons despite who you are, where you come from, or how you choose to live your life. As the month of June is recognized as pride month to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, we are happy to let our customers know that our shops are pride...

Stop And Smoke The Roses

Picture this: you’re at the dispensary, trying to find the perfect thing to bring with you to a birthday party. I know it’s a common experience that we stoners go through because I see a lot of customers come in for just that when I budtend at Cinder. I’ve noticed...

Lightning Storms and Joy Sticks

Summer is barely a week away and we’re still having rain and storms in Spokane. Luckily, my friends and I love storm watching so last night when that big thunderstorm hit, we knew what we had to do. We packed our vapes, blankets and most importantly, our prerolls....

Fruity Mac by Refine – Product Review

Fruity Mac - Review The Fruity Mac concentrate by Refine Seattle is a relaxing and tasty dab with 4.72% terpenes. The concentrate is processed by X-Tracted using flower grown by Royal Tree Gardens.  Looks: 9/10 Golden, almost amber, color with a peanut butter like...

What Changes With Phase 2 In Spokane?

On Friday, May 22, Spokane County announced the official launch of phase 2 of the state’s reopening plans. With the advancement into phase 2 of reopening businesses, the main changes that we will see are bars and restaurants restarting dine-in experiences, retail...

How To Enjoy The Sunshine During COVID-19

The clouds are gone, the sun is shining and it’s starting to feel like summer. But with the stay-at-home order in Washington state still being enforced, it doesn’t really feel like there’s anything to do these days. With quarantine going on, how do we enjoy the...

What’s 420 Like For A Budtender?

4/20/20 is over and I’m sure a lot of you are still feeling hazy after smoking up all your holiday purchases, right? Nobody knew what to expect for 420 in 2020 amid the COVID-19 crisis but it ended up being business as usual and business was great! Cinder continued to...


Burnwell's Grape Stomper Flower (3.5g)Our selection of cannabis flower is unparalled inside of Eastern Washington dispensaries. Each farm is hand picked by our Purchasing Team and must be Budtender approved before it can hit our shelves.


Terp Sauce and Diamonds ConcentrateWhether you’re looking for Oil, Dabs, Wax, or just plain concentrates we’ve got everything that you need. We carry a wide selection of concentrates in all forms ranging from convenient vape cartridges to a stoners best friend, diamonds,


Mr. Moxey's Energizing Peppermint Mint 100mg THCNo need to worry if smoking or vaping isn’t for you. We carry a wide selection of cannabis edibles ranging from delectable chocolate truffles to quick and easy tinctures.


Ceres's Dragon Balm Topical; 175mg CBD 175mg THCTHC and CBD don’t have to be ingested for you to get the benefits of marijuana! Cinder carries a wide assortment of THC and CBD cannabis topicals that can be used as part of a holistic approach to marijuana.


Cinder Battery and Unknown CartridgeIf you’re looking for your next heady piece or 510 thread vape battery, Cinder has you covered. We carry a wide assortment of blunt wraps, glass pipes, heady pieces, screens, vaporizers, and more!