Welcome To Cinder.

We are Spokane Washington's premier recreational marijuana retailer. Specializing in quality marijuana and accessories, we strive to provide the best products available. Cinder welcomes cannabis connoisseurs from Spokane and beyond to our marijuana dispensary, offering top-of-the-line customer service and a rotation of marijuana flower and products. Serving as one of the finest recreational cannabis stores in Washington, Cinder provides detailed product guidance and knowledge coupled with a highly individualized experience sure to have our dispensary customers departing with a smile!

Open Everyday from 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Seanjohn37 23 days ago

“Definitely an amazing place. The atmosphere was great and the staff are great, they know what they're talking about. I got in there and ask for suggestions and every single time I have its been great quality and amazing prices. Definitely my permanent store. Just the parking lot is my only complaint”




gangaqueen1 2 months ago

“I consider myself a cannabis enthusiast, I love trying new strains and learning all about them! The staff at Cinder always greets me right when I walk in, answers my million questions and sends me home with a smile! Thank you guys for being my Cheers ;)"

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