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25% off our amazing selection of cannabis concentrates! Vape cartridges, infused pre-rolls, wax, RSO, hash, dabs, and more all on sale.


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Cinder is the largest Spokane, Washington cannabis retailer proudly serving customers in Eastern Washington with three locations conveniently located in Spokane Valley, Downtown Spokane, and North Spokane. Specializing in quality cannabis and marijuana accessories, we strive to provide the best products available to the Spokane marijuana market. Cinder welcomes cannabis connoisseurs from Spokane and beyond to our marijuana dispensaries located in North Spokane, Downtown Spokane, and Spokane Valley. Cinder offers top-of-the-line customer service and a rotation of marijuana flower, cannabis concentrates, edibles, drinkables, vape cartridges, and cannabis topicals with both THC and CBD varieties. Serving as the premier recreational cannabis stores in Eastern Washington, Cinder provides detailed product guidance and knowledge coupled with a highly individualized experience sure to have our customers departing with a smile!



My go-to, hometown Cannabis Dispensary. Every visit, I’m greeted with a smile and a most helpful “hello, how may I help you”!



Really like this location. It’s on my way home (I cut through downtown) and nice parking lot. Their rewards program is an actual reward and it’s good deals.


Leafly Review

Easy to find what you want. The selection is awesome and the prices are incredible. They have a different deal daily. The staff is knowledgable and happy.


Leafly Review

I’ve always been a fan of Cinder, all locations…but the addition of online ordering is the best! My order was ready approximately 15 minutes after I placed it, and I was able to skip the line that was about 10 people deep to pick it up! Great experience, I will be utilizing the online ordering process for sure!


Leafly Review

Presidential Day with Vampire Hunters

President's Day: Stoner Style Presidents Day is coming up and maybe you’ve never seen the day as a reason to celebrate and treat yourself. However today, I’m going to give you some ideas to make this year’s P-Day more exciting. First, here is our list of weed to...

36 Questions That Lead To Love

I want to find love! Icebreakers can feel cheesy when you’re first meeting someone but how else are you supposed to get to know each other? How are you supposed to fall in love? Asking questions about each other’s lives is one of the best ways to form a...

Best Top Shelf Marijuana Brands For Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day Gift Ideas How do you demonstrate to your loved ones how much you care for them? If you show love through giving gifts, the best idea is to get them high-quality presents to prove that you really care. Today we'll talk about the best top-shelf brands...

Valentine Strains To Smoke With Your Honey

Sexy Strains For Valentines Day It's that time of the year again where everything is pink and you're expected to impress your significant other with well thought out gifts. Well, what could be more of a perfect present than an 8th of some "sexy time strains"? We've...

Smoke Everyday Like It’s Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day: Let's Smoke As tradition has it, the fate of our weather comes down to the actions and consequences of a cute little groundhog. When the groundhog emerges from its hidey-hole on February 2nd, the presence (or lack there-of) of a shadow will give us...

Introducing Blunt Royale

Introducing Blunt Royale Blunt Royale 1g, 2g, and 4g blunts are the way to go if you’re wanting that slow-burn feeling of a rollie without smoking the tobacco from a swisher or having to roll it yourself. Cinder carries hand-rolled blunts in 3 sizes starting at...

Why You Should Replace Your Skincare Products With CBD

CBD as Skincare Did you know that smoking weed gets you high? Even if you’ve never tried it yourself, popular lyrics like “Smoke weed erryday!” and “I smoked two joints before I smoked two joints, and then I smoked some more” tell you that lighting one up is...

Rage Inside The Big Dipper

The Big Dipper in Spokane Spokane’s nightlife scene is growing and it’s getting easier to find fun things to do. One of my favorite places to visit on the weekends is The Big Dipper on Washington and 2nd. This works perfectly for me when I’m clocking off at the...

2019’s Top 10 Cannabis Products That You Have To Try

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade to all my stoners out there! We made it and now it’s the first weekend of the new year! There's so much to look forward to in 2020 like the possible passing of the MORE bill and SAFE Banking Act! We’ll be seeing new strains,...

We Want MORE! Let’s legalize federal cannabis!

We're getting closer and closer to the federal legalization of marijuana and 2019 was the closest we've ever been to making that happen. Jerry Nadler from New York proposed the MORE bill (Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement) to the House Judiciary...

Christmas Movie Smoking Games

Smoking Games: Christmas Edition Christmas time is all about getting together and spending time with your loved ones. What better way to do that than by toking up and watching a Christmas classic? My favorite Christmas classic to tune into every year is Elf (2003)...

Gift Guide for Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching and you may be starting to scramble to put together a gift. If you can't order something and expect it to be delivered in time, weed could be the perfect last-minute gift! You can give someone some weed to relax with during the...

Christmas in Spokane

I love spending the holidays in Spokane. As the year comes to an end, I am finding new reasons every day that demonstrate to me that Spokane is the place to be to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones. There are a lot of things to do and see both inside and...

Introducing SubX

SubX SubX (AKA Subdued Excitement) is a tier 2 producer and processor from Ferndale, Washington. Their flower is indoor grown and uses an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program that they developed for their pest control. Their IPM program is compliant with WA I-502...

Sour OG Cheese by SubX – Budtender Review

Sour OG Cheese - Review A Cinder downtown's budtender review of the Sour OG Cheese flower strain by Sub X. This is a very aromatic, indica dominant hybrid that will leave you feeling relaxed but not sedated. Sour OG Cheese comes from a lineage of Jew's Gold x Citral...

Gift Guide For Thanksgiving

It's the end of the year which means.. The holidays are here! Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your place or you're going to someone else's house for it, we're here to help you prepare. Have you ever wondered "what should I bring the Thanksgiving host"...

A Guide To CBD

What is CBD? The cannabis plant has a naturally occurring chemical compound called CBD. CBD works in a similar way that THC works in that it binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the endocannabinoid system to create a physiological reaction. CBD was first...

Cinder Gala with Unity in the Community

Cinder Community Gala with UIC Unity in the Community is a community resource project that strives to unite people of the Pacific Northwest through the education of cultural diversity. Based in Spokane, Washington and running for 24 years, Unity in the Community...

Introducing Gabriel

Gabriel Gabriel is a tier 3 producer and processor that is located in Issaquah, Washington. They are pesticide-free and indoor-grown. Gabriel places high importance on using recyclable materials and having a strong grip on environment control. In addition, Gabriel is...

Infused Pumpkin Bars

Infused Pumpkin Bars During October, we need pumpkin flavored everything! Keep reading to learn how to make infused pumpkin bars with Left Handed's infused sugar! Ingredients: For the pumpkin bars 2/3 cups of white sugar (2 boxes of Left Handed’s 100mg of sugar;...

How To Make Cannabis Butter

How To Make Cannabis Butter Cannabutter is very simple and easy to make. It does not require a lot of tending to but it is a lengthy process (about 4 hours at the least). Having cannabutter on hand is good because you can include it in many different recipes. Keep...

Infused Caramel Apples

Infused Caramel Apples When you're hungry for a special but easy-to-make snack, caramel apples are the way to go. We use infused sugar and Swift's caramels to give these apples an extra little kick. Keep reading to find out how to make infused caramel apples....

Pros and Cons of Smoking Weed Before Working Out

Pros and Cons of Smoking Weed Before Working Out As Cannabis culture is becoming more accepted in modern society, people are beginning to experiment using it as a replacement or supplement to pre-workout. This goes directly against the classic "lazy stoner"...

Huckleberry Soda by Sugarleaf – Budtender Review

Huckleberry Soda - Review A Cinder Valley budtender's written review of the Huckleberry Soda flower by Sugarleaf. This is an indica-leaning hybrid that will leave you feeling super mellow and relaxed. The Huckleberry Soda strain comes from a lineage of Black Cherry...

Introducing Sugarleaf

Sugarleaf Sugarleaf is a tier 3 producer from Sedro-Woolley, Washington. They are an indoor-grown, pesticide tested brand with 8ths starting at $25 and 7gs at $50. Their motto is "Cannabis Perfected", ensuring high-quality products in every package. Keep reading to...


Our selection of cannabis flower is unparalled inside of Eastern Washington dispensaries. Each farm is hand picked by our Purchasing Team and must meet be first Budtender approved before it can hit our shelves.


Whether you’re looking for Oil, Dabs, Wax, or just plain concentrates we’ve got everything that you need. We carry a wide selection of concentrates in all forms ranging from convenient vape cartridges to a stoners best friend, diamonds,


No need to worry if smoking or vaping isn’t for you. We carry a wide selection of cannabis edibles ranging from delectable chocolate truffles to quick and easy tinctures.


THC and CBD don’t have to be ingested for you to get the benefits of marijuana! Cinder carries a wide assortment of THC and CBD cannabis topicals that can be used as part of a holistic approach to marijuana.


If you’re looking for your next heady piece or 510 thread vape battery, Cinder has you covered. We carry a wide assortment of blunt wraps, glass pipes, heady pieces, screens, vaporizers, and more!

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