It’s looking like it’s going to be a hot summer with temperatures averaging between 80-95 degrees in recent weeks in Spokane, WA. While there isn’t much to do in terms of organized activity due to the quarantine, there are still ways that you can go out and enjoy the sun. Here are some spaces that you can check out to cool off during the summer heat. Just don’t forget to wear masks and continue to practice social distancing!

Person Sitting at the Edge of a Dock

Badger Lake

If you’re wanting to lay a blanket down and enjoy the summer day, this is probably not going to be the best spot for you but if you’re looking for a lake to bring your boat, kayak or paddle board out to, it’s perfect. There is no public beach at this lake but there is a public boat launch that you can take off from. 

Lake with Trees on the Right

Fish Lake

Fish Lake has a small beach area and an area to play volleyball at. There is also a boat launch if you want to take your fishing boat or paddle boat out to the water. The beach area with sand is small but there are lots of grassy areas to plop yourself down onto instead. In addition to the lake, there is a paved trail that you can ride your bikes or skate on that goes around the lake and eventually takes you to Cheney, WA. 

Lake With Abundant Greenery

Lake Couer D’Alene

This is probably going to be the busiest location in our list but for good reason. Lake Couer D’Alene is located in downtown Couer D’Alene, Idaho and is surrounded by local shops, bars and lodging. There is a large beach area with sand and stairs that you can lounge on or basketball courts and jungle gyms that you can play in. Rent a boat, pontoon or jet ski for a full or half day from the website below and have yourself a blast.

Hand Taking Photo of Lake with Phone

Long Lake

Long Lake is located in 9 Miles, WA and is a quiet and peaceful area to have a picnic or swim at. There are a lot of ways to get to the water so you will easily be able to find a spot that is not too populated. Depending on where you park, you might be able to find a launching area to take your boat to the water or you can find a lot of spots that you can lay down a blanket and relax at. 


People’s Park

This is the perfect spot to start a hike or launch some tubes in to float down the Spokane river. If you don’t want to get in the water, this is also a great spot for a hike. You will have to cross a bridge and bring your own gear to get into the water but there are many great spots along the water bank to take off from or lay a blanket down next to for a warm picnic. Choose to forgo the water, the hiking trail loops around the whole park and will bring you back to the bridge that will get you back to your car.


If you liked our list, check out these links for more places to visit. Just don’t forget to wear masks and continue to practice social distancing!

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