Peanut Butter Patties




OG Kush Breath x Dosido





A budtender’s favorite, GLW (or Growing Like a Weed) is a tier 2, pesticide-free indoor farm.

Look: 7/10

Well, it’s definitely green, but it’s hard to tell through all the frost and orange! This recent batch of PBP is kiefy, glittery and the trichomes are off-white, almost buttery-looking. The trim job doesn’t look as ‘neat’ as some of their other strains, but that’s my only complaint.

Touch: 9/10

Sticky and despite looking a little “fluffier” it feels dense. Grind this one for sure.

Smell: 7/10

 While not overly pungent, the first thing I thought of when I opened the jar was turpentine. It’s not sharp, but there’s also a clove-myrcene-musk overtone with the turpentine. It’s a very “Bright” scent if that makes sense.

Taste: 10/10

This one is a trip! After I ground it up, it gave way to a more sweet, nutty smell. The first hit didn’t quite register, flavor-wise. The second hit, however, was citrusy on the inhale and creamy + peanut buttery on exhale. This is some Willy Wonka, flavor-changing witchery.

Effects: 9/10

If you’ve ever felt like a clenched fist at the end of a particularly long day, this will have you smiling at how at ease and relaxed you feel. This strain is dreamy, and my neck tension has all but melted away. This flower also makes my face feel like it’s permanently blushing, so that’s neat.

Overall: 8.5/10

This was such a delightful, treat to smoke after my shift. I want to zone out with some Doritos and rewatch all my favorite Netflix documentaries. Perfect lazy Sunday weed indeed.

Budtender review

This review is brought you to by Melissa, a budtender at the north Spokane location.

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