President’s Day: Stoner Style

United States American flag for Presidents Day

Presidents Day is coming up and maybe you’ve never seen the day as a reason to celebrate and treat yourself. However today, I’m going to give you some ideas to make this year’s P-Day more exciting. First, here is our list of weed to smoke to help you get into the mood for Presidents Day 2020! 

Obama Kush

Named after the 44th president, Barack Obama. Obama Kush is going to feel relaxing and will have a slight peppery and lemon-y taste. 

Obama Kush concentrate by Desaus

Liberty Haze

The name itself makes you feel like you’re going to experience an uplifting and free-ing high. 

Presidential Kush

We can’t forget Presidential Kush on President’s Day. It’s in the name itself. I’ve always liked this strain though because it has a strong pine-y and earthy flavor. The high is very relaxing and chill. 


Urban legend has it that this strain was created after the CIA collected the best strains of marijuana from around the world to create the super strain. The “G” stands for “government” and the 13th letter in the alphabet is “M”. Which may stand for “marijuana” 

G13 concentrate by Leafwerx Brights

Here is a list of Presidents who have smoked weed.

Barack Obama

George W. Bush

Bill Clinton

John F. Kennedy

Franklin Pierce

James Monroe

James Madison

John Adams

George Washington

Presidential Kush flower by Native for Presidents Day

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Once you’ve properly baked yourself, I suggest keeping the energy alive by watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Obviously this movie is fiction but they do include scenes depicting real events that happened during Lincoln’s life such as the Battle of Gettysburg. The plot of the movie might seem silly at first but you’ll be surprised at how serious the story is. The directors wanted the movie to be serious and the actors aren’t taking their roles lightly. The movie itself doesn’t have a lot of okes to make you burst out laughing every 5 minutes.

The movie starts with young Abraham Lincoln witnessing his mother get murdered by a vampire. You’ll see him meet a man that teaches him the ways of becoming a vampire hunter and Abe lives on to be a badass, wielding a silver axe for the rest of the movie while also serving as the President of the United States! I couldn’t recommend the movie enough.

Field of Dreams

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