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It is that time of year again folks, 4/20. The stoners holiday, and quite possibly our favorite day of the year at Cinder, Spokane’s premier cannabis retailer.

To help ring in the ganja gathering, we have compiled a list of 4/20 facts.

4:20 Louis

  1. 4/20 is not a police code or a famous stoner birthday, but a secret term used by a group of high school students in the 1970’s. In San Rafael, Californa, a group of young men calling themselves the “Waldo’s” would meet up at a statue of Louis Pasteur, at 4:20 pm. The Waldo’s would then search for a mythical, abandoned crop of cannabis. At first, the Waldos would call for a “4:20 Louis” but eventually shortened the phrase to “4:20.”
  2. While Bob Marley was not born on 4/20, his son Stephen Marley was, 4/20/1972
  3. Speaking of birthday’s, 4/20 is also George Takei, Tim Curry, Jessica Lange, and Andy Serkis‘ day of birth.
  4. Cannabis and Hops are genetically related.
  5. In Colorado, a 420-mile maker was stolen so often that the transportation department had to make a 419-mile marker to curb the thievery.
  6. There is also a highway 420 in Louisana, amongst others.
  7. There are 4/20 celebrations all over the United States; with the Cannabis Cup in Sacramento, the National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C, and maybe most famously, the Mile High 4/20 Festival in Denver.
  8. Most of the clocks in the film “Pulp Fiction” are set to 4:20.
  9. 4/20 does not technically exist in Europe, as Europeans write days like so, 20/4/2019.
  10. More Americans support the legalization of cannabis than ever, with numbers just over 60%.
  11. CinderSpokane420GLWCannabis

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