In anticipation of HBO’s acclaimed Game of Thrones, Cinder is pairing some of the great House’s of Westeros with the great cannabis strains of the northwest.

House Stark

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Winter is coming

The Stark’s are the central noble family of the north region of Westeros, the fictional land of Game of Thrones. An ancient line of nobility, the Starks can trace their family lineage back to Bran the Builder, the legendary constructor of the Wall and Winterfell. The family sigil is a grey direwolf, running along a white field, atop a green shield or crest. And while many noble-family mottoes are a threat or a boast, the Starks motto is a warning, “Winter is Coming.”

Western Cultured’s Dog Walker OG

Dog Walker OG is the powerful hybrid combination of the notorious Albert Walker OG and the mysterious Chemdawg 91. With the woody, skunky smell of a Weirwood Forrest, Dog Walker OG promotes calm and focus, which is known to aid in the entering of the mind of a pet direwolf as a warg. While the indica aspects of Dog Walker OG is said to encourage relaxation that is deeper than the Crypts of Winterfell. In short, Dog Walker OG is the ideal strain for those still loyal to House Stark.

Western Cultured Dog Walker OG

WesternCulturedGramDogWalkerSpokane1 Gram $12.00

WesternCulturedGOTDogWalkerOGEigtht3.5 Grams $40.00

WesternCulturedSpokaneCinderDogWalkerGOT7 Grams $75.00

The North Remembers

Article by Seth Pickens

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