Natural Mystic Farms

Utilizing the sunny valley of Ellensburg, Washington, Natural Mystic Farms is an outdoor tier 3 cannabis producer and processor.


Prayer Tower – Lemon Thai X Appalachia – 60/40 Sativa Dominant Hybrid -This wasn’t listed on Leafly yet, but I did find the genetics on


Glass pipe and bong

Looks: 9/10

Frost for days. Hints of deep purple swirled with deep and light shades of green. It has a sativa structure overall, but the flower itself shows it’s indica side with the juicy, thick, dense leaf that’s easier to see in the smaller nuggets.

Smell: 8/10

I was surprised at how mellow this was when I first opened the bag. (It was harvested in August of last year though) Limonene was pronounced the most that I could tell, then when you break open a bud the fruity musk comes out and is freaking delightful.

Taste: 9/10

The strain had a tropical flavor through and through with slight hashy overtones. I want to taste this in concentrate form!

Effects: 10/10

I walked and baked with this, and it was a fantastic choice! At first, I felt focused, more awake and ready to make breakfast. After bowl number 2 I was feeling euphoric and playful. I still was extra motivated to start my laundry and workout, which isn’t usually my norm on my Saturdays. I highly recommend this strain for working out. The euphoria you get naturally from exercise was wonderfully intensified and made me want to go longer!

ūüé∂If I could pick a song to go with this strain, it would be: “Brand New Get Up” by Mursday

Budtender Review

This review is brought to you by Elizabeth, a budtender at Cinder Valley.

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